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Thanks for the Birthday Love…

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday today!  And here’s a quick thanks for the lurve list:

~Thank you K for the seasoning, and yes you will be receiving your tupperware shortly.

~Thank you Ninja for the stuffed Santa and Starbucks giftcard, and thank you for warning me not to eat the inedible candy attached to the Santa.

~Thank you M for treating me to a pre-dinner snack (well, do 2 entrees count as a snack if eaten before dinner?)

~Thank you to the lovely Lisa for a hilarious e-card.  I can see why you couldn’t resist.

~And finally, thank you to my parents for offering to get me a gift.  And buying me yummy Dots cupcakes and such.  And for paying my tuition, etc. etc.

I love you all!

~Makeup Morsels


12 thoughts on “Thanks for the Birthday Love…

    • HAHAHHAHA this ones my favorite:
      Slowly driving around residential areas
      Dude I got it lets go creeping over in Huntington Park.

      I’ll do more, I just didn’t want to forget these…and someone wants her tupperware back ASAP so I took the pictures

  1. OMG WHY DIDN’T I KNOW OF THIS!? oh yeah, I wasn’t online yesterday…mrehh. BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lots of love<3 May this year be full of happiness and good fortunes! (wow that sounded quite Asian). 😀

    If I had your addy, I would totally send you something. *creep*

    That is some cute tupperware, all I have are squares and rectangles. I wish I had circular tupperware. As weird as that sounds…

    wow, this turned into such a long comment.

    • hahahah thanks maggie!! I hope it will be too xD
      you should send me a letter! I’ll message you my addy
      it’ll be jolly good fun! (too many Dots cupcakes = hyperness)
      boo I have to give this Tupperware back. I only have the square ones too. I love long comments 🙂

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