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Unleash Your Glowing Smile with Liquid Crystal Gloss

Your glowing UV smile, that is.  har har har.

My friend, who has no interest whatsoever in makeup (and coincidentally bought this for my birthday, thank you J!), couldn’t stop staring at this.

“Oooooohh wowww,” she said.

Oh wow indeed.  Jesse’s Girl Liquid Crystal Gloss (in Violet) is very pretty to look at in the tube.  I originally wanted to get the green/multicolored one, but someone had opened the last one left.  Once again, such is life.  Especially when it comes to lip products (remember this tragic story?).

Anyways, this is definitely very pretty.  If I remember correctly, it was around $6.  What else can I say about this…well the texture is just like a runny balm, I don’t even notice it on my lips.  The downside is that the cool UV effect doesn’t hang around for a very long time (I’m giving it about half an hour or so).  Still, I find it cool.  Watch me glow!

~Makeup Morsels

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post was purchased by a friend as a birthday present.  Neither one of us is affiliated with the company.


14 thoughts on “Unleash Your Glowing Smile with Liquid Crystal Gloss

  1. Woah… it’s all… AWESOME!!!

    Remember reading about this on another board but couldn’t find pics of it… imma go stalk discount sites nao.

  2. 哈哈



  3. You got a real nice pic of this, I’m so impressed!!! I TOOK SO LONG TRYING TO PHOTOGRAPH THIS GLOSS ANd NADA. Then again all I had was my crappy coolpix… *sigh* Good you got the violet it’s prolly better than the green.

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