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Eye Makeup Q&A

That’s got to be the most boring title I’ve ever typed.  Sorry, everyone.

[paraphrased] Q: What colors of eyeliner/eyeshadow would go well with certain skintones and eye colors?  How do you manipulate the shape of your eyes through makeup?


A: this is a slightly long, rambling answer, so I stuck it behind the clicky thing

So, first part of the question first.

When I first started off with makeup (and didn’t know much of anything about it), I trusted in magazines for advice.  A large majority of those magazines prescribed purple shadow for anyone with brown eyes.

Now that I’ve been playing around with makeup for a good two years, I don’t believe in that type of thing anymore.  Purple is actually the color I find hardest to work with.  I think green brings out my eyes the most, but I have brown-eyed friends who happen to love purple.

What am I saying here?

I’m saying that it depends entirely on the individual.

Eyeliner also depends on the individual, even more so than eyeshadow.  Black eyeliner can appear way too harsh on certain people.  I have friends whose eyes look amazing with brown liner, while black liner essentially shrinks their entire eye.  I’m not a fan of brown liner.  It does zilch for me, so I usually prefer gray or black.  Maybe there are expert makeup artists out there who can look at a person and just know that a certain color won’t work for them, but I stick by my oh-so-scientific method of guess and check.  It’s makeup.  You can take it off if it doesn’t look good.

Now, the second part of the question.  To be honest, I haven’t fully considered this before.  I know makeup can transform your face, but I never even thought about transforming my eye shape.  Why?  Because I spent such a long time trying to figure out my eye shape that once I found out what worked with it, I didn’t feel the need to experiment further.

Xteeener is one of my favorite gurus on Youtube.  I think that part of the reason her eye looks work on her (besides the fact that she is insanely talented and a master at blending) is because she’s got her eye shape fully figured out.  It makes a huge difference.

If you recall, and I don’t expect you to, I did accidentally change my eye shape with makeup this summer.  Observe:

next to this, which is what I normally do:

The first EOTD makes my eye shape look a lot more round than it actually is.  This isn’t a bad thing, I just happen to prefer the second method.  I don’t know why it happened, but I’m guessing it was a combination of the way I applied my liner + the shadow colors and placement.

I hope that answered your question, although my guess is that neither of those were the answers you were looking for.  If you guys have any words of advice for Elise, put them in the comments please 🙂

~Makeup Morsels


6 thoughts on “Eye Makeup Q&A

  1. I’d be happy to make a photo post about how different eyeliner shapes can drastically change the shape your eye appears to be. ^^ I was going to do this.. before I kind of stopped… but I think it would be a good record. << this is my lame form of advertisement. STAY TUNED BEBes!

  2. i agree! what they say in the magazines are not always reliable. So i also stick to what I want and what works for me. Nice post babe! 🙂

    RYC, thank you for appreciating my NP application! I was also surprised it didnt need any touch ups! The consistency has to be given credit 😉

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