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Rouge Bunny Rouge Unassailable Loveliness

How do you feel about Rouge Bunny Rouge’s new collection?  I love that makeup brands start bringing out the spring releases before the holidays are here, but as the weather gets colder (in L.A. terms), maybe the thought of spring is kind of nice.

The product that interested me most was this Make-Up Melt Cleanser.

Our luxuriously rich and creamy Make-up Melt Cleanser DELIQUESCE melts like butter with the warmth of your skin; add warm water to swiftly transform the butter into a heavenly milky sap that dissolves even waterproof make-up without a trace, while nourishing and pampering your face.

I also found the mattifying primer very pretty.  I absolutely love the packaging for this release.

The feather-weight texture of our Mattifying Primer METAMORPHOSES miraculously gives your skin a velvet matte suede glow; it removes the unwanted shine completely and evens out your skin tone. Pores are tightened without the shocking sensation of a stiffening mask. Instead, you will actually feel the nourishing care of the weightless fluid, and see the transformation promised by many but achieved effortlessly by … METAMORPHOSES.

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Press information and photos provided by Rouge Bunny Rouge.


8 thoughts on “Rouge Bunny Rouge Unassailable Loveliness

    • haha I agree! I’ve been pretty good so far this year, definitely much better than last year 😀 hbu? I hope things are slowing down a bit right now, you probably can’t wait for these 2 weeks to be over xD

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