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Haircare with Phyto

Hello all.  This week has been/will continue to be very crazy for me.  I’m getting home from 9-9:30 every night, so I apologize in advance if my pots sound slightly discombobulated…I mean posts.  My pots are safely stowed away in the kitchen cupboard~~~

Phyto is a brand new brand to me.  They specialize in haircare, and when I say specialize, I really mean it.  Flipping through their brochure today, I have to say I was impressed by the wide range of hair types they catered to.  Coincidentally, they’re having their annual Friends & Family November Sale right now, so check it out at  All Phyto products are 30-40% off.  Pretty cool, eh?

Update: the sale runs from the 15th (apologies for the short notice) to the 17th.

Hoping to be back with a longer post tomorrow,

~Makeup Morsels

Press images and information provided by Phyto.


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