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Hard Candy: Rebirth!

My first memory of Sephora is slightly hazy.  To be fair, a lot of my memories are slightly hazy, but this one is especially so.  I vaguely recall that my mom went in for the Bare Minerals starter kit, and I tagged along.  The one shelf that stood out in my mind was full of colorful nail polishes, each with that distinctive ring on the cap.  Hard Candy has long since left Sephora, but they’ve moved (rebirth!) to Walmart.

Read on for product reviews and swatches 🙂

BAM BAM look at that glitter!  And not just regular glitter, but multicolored.

Walk the Line liquid liner in Licorice is an amazing color.  I also love the thin brush that lets me *the liquid liner dummy* draw smooth lines.


It takes forever to dry.  And by forever, I mean it never dries.  Which means I can’t exactly use it on my upper lashline because I don’t have a whole lot of space between my lashline and my eye fold.  I’ve heard that only the glitter liners have this issue, so if you want to try out this liner (it’s got a nice formula and price going for it, plus the pretty colors), get one without glitter in it.

Of course, you don’t have to use this the traditional way.  See my Kafka Inspired EOTD?

Walk the Line liquid liner is on sale for $4.68 at Walmart right now.  Try it out, maybe in one of the other colors 🙂

My rating: B

Next up is the Nobody’s Perfect concealer palette.  I got this in Medium, but Fair would have probably been a better match for me.  For an $8 palette, I was pretty impressed by this.  It comes with 6 shades.  The top row (in the swatches below) consists of correcting colors.  I haven’t found a use for the green (I know it’s supposed to conceal redness, but that never works out too well for me).  The lavendar shade can be used as a highlight color or skin-brightening shade.  The yellow is a surprisingly good eye primer.  I like that they include 3 different shades on the bottom so you can mix them to match your skintone.

The consistency is thin and easily blendable.  At first, I thought it might be too thin to cover anything, but it layers well and actually does a good job.

My only problem with this is that it starts disappearing after 5 or so hours when I pop it on top of my dark circles.  It doesn’t crease, it just poofs.  I think it looks too obvious on me when I set it with powder, so I just kind of let it slide. Literally.

It seems to stay on longer when I use it as a blemish concealer, though.  For the price, this is a nice concealer palette.  I think I can overlook the fact that it doesn’t last very long because it’s easy to touch up.  It does come with a brush, but as in most cases, the brush isn’t terribly useful.  I thought it was a whistle when I first saw it…

My rating: A-

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: the products mentioned in this post were provided by PR for review purposes.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


10 thoughts on “Hard Candy: Rebirth!

  1. I’ve been eyeing Hard Candy at Wal Mart for a while now. I like how they’ve changed their line to be a bit more adult. I think I’ll buy some next time I’m there (which will probably be a long time from now.)

  2. Hard Candy used to be at Sephora? Whoa. I mean I knew it was kinda a department store brand but don’t recall this. Aw, the glitter liner never drys? WTH. It’s so pretty too. Ok, glitter-free it is. 😉 The after concealer pic looks nice but sorry to hear it didn’t pan out. Actually that doesn’t look like a whistle to me. It looks almost like a tampon. Gawd, I’m terrible. 😛

    • yupp it did. That was something like 10 years ago, though. I think it was 10 years at least…

      I know, I was sad 😦 I want to try some of their glitter-free colors though. hahaha that would be a very small tampon!

      • More in Taipei, huh? I guess they just know how to appreciate cuteness more. 😉 And loL…yes, I can just go up to Big Bear…but I won’t! I’d freeze my ass off. (It can be 75 at my home and I’d still feel chilly. No joke.) Skiing sounds fun….for other people. 😛 Seriously, that is an awesome tradition you have! 😀

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