The Wednesday Wigeon

The Wednesday Wigeon No.1

I wanted to set aside Wednesday for tags and surveys, and things of that nature (much like I set aside Mondays for ramblings on food and music and other non-beauty-related morsels).  I am calling these posts “The Wednesday Wigeon [insert number here]”.  A wigeon, if you are wondering, is a freshwater duck.  The one I drew is rather plump, but that’s ok.  I like it because it sounds like pigeon.  No, I’m not 5 years old.

Anyways, the tag I’m doing today comes from the awesome, UV-umbrella-wielding Lisa.

I mean, the lovely Lisa.

1. Why did you create this blog?

I had all of these pictures sitting on my computer, and I wanted to do something with them.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?

Mostly makeup blogs, although I do like browsing food and fashion blogs as well

3. Favorite makeup brands?

categorizing time!

high-end: Ellis Faas, Lancome, Dior

drugstore: Milani, Revlon

Asian drugstore: Majolica Majorca, KATE

4. Favorite clothing brands?

I don’t really have any.  If it’s inexpensive and it fits, I’ll buy it.  (and as a friend recently noted, if it’s green/blue, it tends to end up in my closet.  trying to fix that little habit right now).

5. Your indispensable makeup product?

Prestige Waterproof Liner in Granite

6. Favorite colors?


7. Your perfume?

Recently, I’ve been wearing a lot of Marc Jacobs Daisy.  It’s not super complex or mysterious, but I think it’s a nice everyday scent.

8. Favorite film?

The LOTR trilogy 🙂  Director’s cut.

9. What country would you visit and why?

Holland, my momma lived there for awhile and said their food was very yum.

10. Write the last question and answer it yourself.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

A Thanksgiving luncheon with my extended family, and then I’m heading up to Big Bear to frolic in the snow (and hit the drugstores because sales tax is lower up there than it is in LA).

Now I tag you!

~Makeup Morsels


5 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wigeon No.1

  1. Hey doll! I’m sending this to you from the Apple store in Vegas….lol. The hubs wanted to take a looksie inside. 😉 Haha…yes, I do wield my UV-umbrella proudly! 😛 So awesome of you to do this tag! 😀 I’ve never tried Ellis Faas stuff though I’ve read about ’em. Is there a place in L.A that sells this? And Prestige liner, huh? I need to try that! Have a super yummy luncheon and fun time in Big Bear!!! ❤

    • LOL are you having a good time in Vegas so far? I lovee their lip products omg…best thing ever, but also insanely pricey. No, I think we have to order them online 😦 The only store in the US is in New York. urghh they discontinued that, so I usually have to go to Rite Aid to find backups now. Thank you 🙂 And I got an awesome snarling dragon ring at Il Teatro. I was eyeing this skeleton bangle too, but I think I’m going to wait until their January jewelry sale to get it.

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