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Go All The Way (Into the Twilight)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’m very thankful for my friends and family this year.  I’m thankful for the life I have, and for you guys.  Thanks for reading this little blog, and an extra thanks to my commenters 🙂

About the title of this post, that’s a song from the Twilight soundtrack.  What relevance could this possibly have to the beauty world?

Twilight nail polishes, you guys!

Look at that hefty Cullen crest.  I know you secretly want it.  Swatches and my thoughts after the clicky text.

left to right: Debutante, Talon, Citrus

right to left: same polishes!

I’m not quite sure why none of these have Twilight-related names.  Maybe the people at Twilight Beauty anticipated this type of conversation:

Your friend: Ooh pretty color!  What’s that polish called?

You: Why, it’s Edward Cullen!

You friend: QQ

So, by naming them safe, ordinary words, you can sidestep that little snafu.  But really, where in all of Twilight do they ever mention Citrus?  Is it a reference to the apple on the cover?  So many questions…

It so happens that I could care less about the names because the colors are all gorgeous.  Citrus actually reminds me a lot of China Glaze Strawberry Fields.  It’s a nice, hot pink with gold shimmer.  Talon is a shimmery dark blue that I’m sure every single polish brand out there has already done, but if you somehow don’t have one, it’s pretty.  Debutante is a rosy pink with gold swirl.  Doesn’t it remind you of a satin dress?

I saved the best for last.  Out of all the red polishes I have ever tried, there are only two I wear regularly.  That would be China Glaze Ruby Pumps and this one:

I love the jelly finish.  I love the bright, strawberry red color.  I love how it (ironically enough) doesn’t make me look like I’ve got congealing blood all over my fingernails.

Twilight Nox Nail Polish in Red Velvet

The formula on these is one of the best I’ve ever tried.  It’s the perfect consistency, and also very easy to control.  Opacity is excellent; the skittle swatches were all one-coaters, and Red Velvet was 2 coats.  These retail at $6.99 each, and they’re well worth the price IMO.

Which shade is your favorite?

My rating: A+

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: the products reviewed in this post were provided by PR for consideration.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


17 thoughts on “Go All The Way (Into the Twilight)

      • Why yes I did! I was stuffed (mainly with mashed potato — my mom makes THE best mashed potato) and then my cousins played with my makeup. 🙂 I was their model.

        My family and I also finally got an HD (or is it LCD?) TV today! We were still using our analog TV from the 90s (it’s even older than me…seriously!) but we finally took the plunge today. My brother and I set it up together today and we realized we had been missing out on the whole HD experience this whole time lol. We were totally freaking out with the clarity and HD-ness. 😀

        I basically told my life story there but how about you? Was it an appetizing Thanksgiving and cuh-razy Black Friday? xD

        • ohh yumm mashed potatoes sound delicious! hahah we still have an analog TV, and our dvd player isn’t even working right now. we also are lacking in the cable tv/disc satellite department, which is why I watch all my shows on my computer. My friend has an HD tv, and the clarity is insane! I was shocked the first time I saw it. hahah we did an extended family Thanksgiving luncheon~~~Asian style, which means I had no actual Thanksgiving food 😦 but still, lots of yummy things to be had. I was up in Big Bear during Black Friday, and I guess they don’t even bother with sales b/c there’s not enough people lol.

  1. LOL the thing about Twilight is that the covers don’t even really relate to the books either. So that’s the theory I’m gonna go with… they just wanted to make the randomness of the polish consistent. I really really love that last red. I’m a’feared that the jelly won’t show up on my nails like Big Daddy! How many coats did you use?

    • definitely true hahahah. I know, I’ve worn it twice already, it’s probably my favorite red ever. 2 coats, but I really only needed one. The second was just to fill in any missing gaps/round out the cuticle area.

  2. 我喜歡無名指的那個顏色~!!!



    • 我也覺得那個顏色蠻特別的
      哇! 沒想到你會買玫瑰紅的指甲油

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