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Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 11/29/10

It’s one of those days…where my allergies are running haywire, and I’m running on very little sleep.

I attempted to locate the post office today with my friend.  We’re walking along and eating our ice creams (does anyone else ever crave cold food on cold days?) when she turns to me and asks, “It doesn’t look like the afternoon right now, does it?  Doesn’t the sky and everything look more like late morning?”

Of course at this point, I look up and admire the sky and trees, and nod my head in agreement.

Right as we walk past the post office.  And I am staring at the sky, so I don’t see it.


We walked around for a long time, and eventually she had to go back so we did.  And I spotted the post office on my way back (thank goodness those FedEx signs are nice and colorful), but we were doing our super-speedy-walk-thing to get back in time.  I think I’ll go back tomorrow.  And this time I won’t be looking at the sky.  Even if there’s a blimp.

There’s your anecdote for the day.  I hope it brings you much joy.

Now, I’m going to thank two people who brought me a lot of joy 🙂  Blogger bday love thank you time!

Cat, thank you so much for the yummy Japanese candies and your kind card.  And omg…the Laura Mercier Gloss Stick is hands-down the most moisturizing lipstick formula I have ever tried in my life.  You picked the perfect color for me too 🙂  I’ve been wearing Courtisane every single day for a week.  An entire week.  Let me tell you, it is extremely rare for me to wear the same color even for two days in a row, so this basically means I’m in love.

And Jian, thank you first of all for commenting and reading my blog even though you don’t even have time to blog anymore.  I can’t believe you remembered our super short conversation about Max Factor 2000 Calorie~~~~I’ve been reunited with my HG mascara that is no long available in the US!  I tried it out today, and it’s just how I remember it.  And now I know that I’ve been deluding myself into thinking that Prestige RIP MBL is the same.  Sadly…it is not.  It’s a nice mascara, but it loses to Max Factor’s curl holding capabilities.  The Kit Kat was very yummy (I’ve always wanted to try a different flavor Kit Kat, you must’ve read my mind!), and I’m saving the rest of the sweets and samples for a rainy day 🙂  btw, expect something in the mail soon for your upcoming birthday.  That is, if I manage to locate the post office this time.

Happy Monday!

~Makeup Morsels


8 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 11/29/10

  1. hi babe! you’re not alone! i crave cold beverage/food on cool days too! 😛

    blogger love is heartwarming! Cat and Jian are so sweet! 🙂

    RYC, yes i managed to get a few lanvin x h&m items! 🙂 i posted my haul on my blog already yay! 🙂

    • hehe just commented, can’t believe you actually managed it!
      woohoo, I’m glad hahah. not even sure where that craving comes from because I certainly don’t crave hot food on hot days…unless it’s In-n-Out or Ajisen.

  2. =) Eee nice to see that everything arrived okay! I’m glad the mascara is the same as you remember it! =)

    Sorry I just literally threw some random candies in there. They were the ones that happened to be on my desk when I was putting everything in the envelope!! It’s what I do when I study – eat biscuits and candies!

    O_O How do you know it’s my birthday coming up? Did I tell you? Either I’m going senile or you have a very good memory…..

    Don’t worry about it =) I don’t even particularly want anything, I just thought you might want the MF since you said it was your HG!!!!! Ahahahaha~~~ =D

    • LOL wow going back through posts and just realized I never replied! Nope, don’t worry, you’re not going senile. I was just riffling through your posts to try and find your bday, so I could send you something too. Oh, let me know how the eyeshadows work out btw!

    • They are xD totally made my day. Yup, definitely the most moisturizing I’ve tried. I still layer it over lipbalm though. I have very dry lips, so I’m particular about wearing lipbalm 24/7.

  3. Heyyyyyyy! Sorry for the late comment! I’ve had this tab open since I saw it on Monday lol – I do really, honestly still read all your posts even though school and lab are seriously kicking me in the butt right now. ;_;

    SO glad to see everything arrived ok and YAY! I was hoping you’d love Courtisane! I actually don’t have that color yet, but I’ve been eyeing it for ages now, LOL. And the formula is truly truly amazing, no?! 😀 😀 😀 And again, so sorry it was so ridiculously late!!! *hugs*

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