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‘Tis The Season For Barocco

Fa la la la la

la la la la~~~

*cue applause*

Clarins Barocco was the holiday 2010 collection I was most excited about.  Observe the packaging:

The release isn’t huge, but seeing as these items are all pretty pricey, that’s probably for the best.

I’ll start off with the most luxurious item from the collection.  It feels nice and substantial in my hand, and comes in a plush red velvet pouch that I like to pet as I drift off to sleep is very soft.  Can you guess what it is … ?

The Clarins Barocco Face Palette will set you back $55, but it’s one of those items you pick up and know that it’s probably around that price range.  Everything, from the gorgeous case to the embossing is very well designed.  The powder itself is finely-milled and smooth.  It’s neither powdery nor chalky, so there’s no fallout involved.  I swatched the shimmery beige and matte pale-pink below separately below.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t wear blush.  I thought I would feel more meh about this palette because of the pink, but it’s actually quite subtle.  I just get a nice, healthy glow.  It’s perfect for winter, when my skin tends to look more…sickly.  As my friend so kindly put it.

Yes, this does cost quite a lot of money, but to me (and I am not normally a highlighter/blush loving person) it’s worth it.

My rating: A

Next up is the Eye Colour Trio.

I was so disappointed when I swatched this at first.  The colors are all smooth and blendable, but look at the pigmentation level on these (top row).

Of course, you never just give up, so I tried foiling them (bottom row).  Look at that difference.

Still, I don’t think I would be willing to part with $40 for this palette.  The middle shade in particular is lovely, but the black and gold are not particularly unique.  They do create a nice holiday look together, but I wouldn’t recommend buying this unless you feel like you would get a lot of use out of all three shades.

Packaging is, again, lovely.  The shiny metal does attract fingerprints, but not as badly as some rubber cases do *a.k.a. NARS*

My rating: B

I was originally expecting to like the Face Powder most, but it actually ended being the weakest item in the collection (for me at least).  I love the gold nugget shapes and big floofy powder puff (not pictured), but sadly this didn’t really work out for me.

I was expecting the packaging to be some sort of substantial metal, like everything else.  It’s actually cardboard, and just doesn’t feel quite as nice as the metal-packaged items.  In addition, here’s what it looks like:

The glitter is too gritty for me, personally.  I can’t see myself wearing this on an everyday basis.  That being said, this would make a stunning Christmas present, and for $35 is priced at the perfect holiday gift budget.  Just make sure you pick yours up in store because the some of the nuggets will break if this is shipped to you.  Another sidenote about this: it’s messy.  The first time I took the puff (which comes nestled on top of the gold) out, it  got gold dust all over my desk.  Not necessarily a bad thing to have glitter on your desk, but I probably would not use this very much.

My rating: B-

Ah, lipstick.  Clarins went the traditional holiday route with their Barocco Rouge Prodige.  It’s a nice, wearable berry red wrapped in a beautiful case.  To be perfectly honest with you, I think I would buy this for the case alone (then again, I am a lip product addict, and you might not want to go down that road…)

It glides on very smoothly, and I get a good 5-6 hours of wear from this.  The formula isn’t particularly moisturizing, but it’s definitely not drying either.  It’s lightly scented, I think I’m detecting cranberry, but don’t quote me on that.  It’s a “clean” cranberry though, meaning neither synthetic nor nausea-inducing.  Always a good thing 😀

Rouge Prodige is priced on the high side, at $24.  As I’ve said in the past, I can justify spending more on lip products as compared to other makeup items.  Would I pay $24 for this?  Yes, I would.  The packaging, together with the wearable shade and decent formula make it worth it for me.

My rating: A+

Do you see anything you like from this collection?  My picks are the Face Palette and Rouge Prodige Lipstick.

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products reviewed in this post were provided by PR for consideration.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


12 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season For Barocco

  1. I love the packaging in this collection, it’s so elegant and beautiful. My favourite item is the blush, it looks gorgeous! The powder is disapppointing though, too dark and glittery. I don’t think it’ll work for me. Thanks for the review.

  2. I saw this in Boots the other and stopped to look at the glitter-rock thingies! The only reason I even stopped to look was because how fluffy the puff looked! xD

  3. Lurve that packaging. Blush quality is important to me so while $55 sounds steep at first, if it makes you feel and look like a million bucks I say it’s worth it too. 😀 Oh, and you have nice lips. 😉

    • I agree, I think packaging matters to me more than I realize it does. There’s just a very nice feeling I get from looking at something that’s been beautifully packaged.
      ….And that’s how the makeup companies continue to suck me in!
      thank you 😀

  4. omigosh, the collection looks amazing! the packaging is very luxe and classy! it also helps that the texture is equally great! yay! 🙂

    maybe i can get this instead of tweed fuschia? ADD! LOL XD

    • I like it when companies do traditional, classy makeup for the holidays. ooh, I’d be 100% behind that decision lol. If you do end up getting the Face Powder, let me know if you like it!

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