EOTD (Eye of the Day)

EOTD: Winging It

creds: lash stamps from http://www.obsidiandawn.com

I guess practice really does make perfect.  Or maybe my little eyeliner flick was sheer dumb luck.


1. Prime the lids (TFSI).  Pat a bluish-purple like UD Ransom all over the eyelid.  If I were to attempt this look again, I would probably foil the purple to get more vibrancy out of it.

2. Blend a shimmery taupe into the crease.  Estee Lauder Pink Dusk Dark is pulling very brown in this picture.  In real life, it’s a cool-toned, grey taupe.

3. Blend out the edges of the taupe with a light, matte shade of your choice.  I used Estee Lauder Pink Dusk Light.

4. Add a little bit of definition to the outer corner with a matte black.  I used Kat Von D Lucifer.  I love how the name…

5. wahhh I can’t even describe this step.  Clearly, some form of magic occurred, enabling me to draw a neat little wing.

L’oreal HIP liner in Black on the upper and lower lashlines, more UD Ransom smudged along the lower lashline.

6. Finish it off with some mascara.  I dug out a tube of CG Lash Blast.  Haven’t used it in awhile, and I do have to admit it’s a decent everyday mascara.  It’s not super lengthening or volumizing, but I like that it never clumps.

All done 😀

Hope you enjoyed the look~~

~Makeup Morsels


20 thoughts on “EOTD: Winging It

  1. I love it! =) I’m really bad at wearing purples…..must give this a try!

    Actually I really want to try out the new palette of greens that you got me! =D I’m really excited..

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