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Dry Skin, Away With Ye!

Obviously, I’m running out of creative energy for my titles.

I have three more products to review today, all from the makers of Lavilin (a.k.a. my little miracle deodorant, review here).

I’ll start with the two Beauty Feet Products.  They’re essentially the same product in different forms.

The Beauty Feet Roll-On is packaged like your typical roll-on deodorant.  It has a strong, herbal (almost medicinal) scent that is not exactly pleasant, but fades pretty quickly.  I like the Roll-On for its convenience and ease of use.  The product is a little bit oily on contact (it’s a very thin gel), but absorbs in 3-4 minutes.  It really does soften up my feet.  I’d say this is just as effective as slathering Vaseline/Aquaphor on your feet, only you can actually walk around after applying it.  I guess those of you who are extremely concerned about hygiene would prefer the Beauty Feet Moisturizing Gel, which comes in a squeeze tube.  Since I apply this directly after showering, I’m all for the Roll-On, but it comes down to personal preference.  Both Beauty Feet products retail for $16 each. You get a lot of product, so I find the price reasonable.

My rating: A-

Next is the Jojoba Body Lotion.  For whatever reason, whenever I hear jojoba, I immediately think of this…

Which, of course, is completely unrelated.  The lotion is fragrance free (this doesn’t mean it’s scent free, it just doesn’t have any added fragrance).  However, it smells pleasantly warm/very lightly spicy.  It’s very gentle, and didn’t irritate my skin at all.  The consistency is relatively light, and absorbs quickly.  It keeps me very moisturized all day, and doesn’t feel greasy after it sinks in.  Would I pay $19 for this, though?  Probably not, when I can get something like Aveeno for less than half that price.  Still, for those of you who dry up in the winter, you might want to check this out.

My rating: B

All items are available for purchase on the Micro Balanced website.

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products reviewed in this post were provided by PR.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


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