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I’m Addicted to Urban Decay’s Lip Junkie Lipgloss

Maybe because I’m already a lip junkie to begin with.

I thought I wasn’t going to like these at first because they’re marketed as lip plumping glosses, and don’t even get me started on those.  It’s very rare to find one that actually works, and they tend to sting my lips.

But then I realized that these glosses smell minty.  Good minty, like…candy canes! Which reminded me of:

Ok, obviously that’s not the only reason I like these.

I also like the packaging a lot, especially the applicator.  It probably looks like a standard plastic slant-tip applicator from the picture, but it’s actually made of soft silicone (at least I think it’s silicone).  It’s very similar to the applicator on the Illamasqua glosses, and for my Canadian readers, the Annabelle Volumelip Glosses.  Basically, it makes application very easy and comfortable.

Product swatches:

left to right: Jilted, Midnight Cowboy

Jilted is a “deep pink sparkle.”  I’d describe it as a sheer fuschia gloss with purple (and some red) sparkles.  From far away, it looks like a berry gloss with a slight purple flash.  Midnight Cowboy, a “sheer nude sparkle” just looks like silver glitter on the lips at first, but up close (click the swatch picture to see) it’s made of densely packed orange/green/silver/purple sparkles.  Judging by the tube color, I was expecting to like Jilted better, but Midnight Cowboy is a surprisingly complex color.  Despite the glitter, neither of these feel at all gritty on my lips.

Lip swatches:

Midnight Cowboy


The texture is just a little  bit sticky, but more of a cushy sticky than an uncomfortable tacky sticky.  I was relieved that neither of these stung my lips, and Urban Decay says that they use something  called Maxi Lip.  It’s supposed to plump lips by an average of 40% when used daily for a month.  That part gave me pause lol.  While I admire people who buy one lipstick, and wear it every day until it’s gone, that doesn’t sound like me at all.  I generally switch up my lip products every single day, so no plumping for me…

Which is more than fine.  I don’t really want my lips to be too plump, and I love that these don’t burn/sting/cause any other discomfort.  They feel slightly cool on contact because of the mint, but the cooling sensation is somewhere below the sensation caused by a Burt’s Bees Lipbalm.  It’s not bad.

Wear time is about 3 hours, which is the average for a sheer gloss in my experience.  Urban Decay has got a wide color range going on here.  Does anyone else want to try Perversion (sheer black sparkle)?  You know how I love my unusual gloss colors…

Lip Junkie Lipgloss retails at $19 for a 0.34 fl oz tube.  That’s a lot of product, and I honestly don’t mind the price too much for the results.  As a self-admitted lip product addict, I know I’ve paid that amount several times in the past for glosses that didn’t even deliver the results.

My rating: A-

Happy New Year’s Eve everybody! Got any fun plans?

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products reviewed in this post were provided by PR for consideration.  All opinions are my own.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


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