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Outlet Haul

Since all of you voted unanimously to see my haul, here it is.  Go live vicariously through me:

(actually, this isn’t very vicarious.  I don’t go as crazy with my clothes as I do with makeup and shoes.)

I thought you’d get a better idea of how the clothes looked if I was actually wearing them.  So, I got out of my Snuggie and pj’s and tried everything on.  Only for you guys…

I’m actually thinking about returning this first item.  I’ve been looking for a wool coat for a long time, and this one was only $30 (down from $70) from Aeropostale…but it’s dry clean only.  Way too much trouble, so it’s probably going back

I’m definitely keeping this sweater, though.  Cotton On is probably my favorite store when it comes to basics.  I got this sweater for $10.  It’s sorta slouchy, and I realized that I can actually wear it as a sweater dress~a very short one, that is.  It’s comfortable, so I like it.

The black skirt is also from Cotton On, and was a bargain at $5.  I like the fit and the material.  Again, it’s a little bit short on me, but pretty much everything is.  I just wear it with tights.

The top is from Forever 21.  I have no idea what it’s supposed to be, but it’s cute.  I believe it was around $12.

My huge shoe haul:

One pair.  The shape is a little funky, but I wanted a nice summer sandal (actually, what I really need are some boots b/c I have none.  But since it’s winter right now, they’re all full price).  These were $16.  They’re not the most squishy/padded Aerosoles shoes I own, but compared to most other shoes, they’re still very comfortable.

The jeans I’m wearing in this picture (and the first one) are also from Forever 21.  I like how they fit (for $10), but I wish they were more comfortable.  Abercrombie is still my favorite place to shop for jeans in terms of comfort.  I just wish they weren’t so expensive…

The last item I bought was this pair of fleece pants.  So warm and comfortable, and totally worth my $10.  Yes, they have a seasonal design but I’ll probably end up wearing these far past Christmas.

And that’s it~see anything you like?

~Makeup Morsels


8 thoughts on “Outlet Haul

  1. Love your haul! I would just like to point out that the wool coat is a very cute and classic cut on you and you’ll be very hard pressed to find something wool and structured like that that ISN’T dry-clean only (plus, once every one or two seasons really isn’t *that* bad, if you take good care of it esp since where you live it doesn’t really snow). =P

    I am jealous of the sweaterdress too! I really want a nice slouchy one, but all the ones I’ve tried on are too wide and long and make me look like a stick (I am a stick, but… I swear the cut exacerbates matters). I’ve never heard of Cotton On though, I might have to try and hunt one down hehe. & the cut of the skirt is awesome and the top is oh so cute hehehe. I bet that’d look awesome under a dark grey blazer. Love the sandals too! I actually don’t own any sandals right now. I bought a pair of Havianas for my trip but honestly, they suck. T_T; I am really wishing I’d picked up the pair of turquoise Aerosoles instead, but I thought the plastic would be more sturdy. It probably is but it’s so uncomfortable and the straps are too loose. T_T;

    & … I might stop by Aero for some fuzzy pants. I have a few pairs but they’re all getting on 3+ years old or something so they’re not entirely that fuzzy or soft anymore. ;_;

    • Hey Cat! Hmm, that’s a good point. I’ll think about it 🙂 Maybe you could try using a chunky belt on those sweaterdresses? Cotton On has amazing summer cardigans. And their prices are great too, I think I’ve bought 4-5 cardigans from them already. I just discovered them this year, since they had a store in my local mall. ohh I should pair it with my grey tweed blazer, thanks for the idea! I buy all of my shoes (except my sneakers and cheap flats I save for occasions that will completely trash them) from Aerosoles…I’ve never found anything more comfortable. I know Naturalizer has a similar reputation, but I’ve found them to be a lot more hit/miss with their shoes in terms of comfort, and I like to do my shoe shopping online. Ooh definitely go for the fuzzy pants! I love mine so much. OMG and I finally got that Sunbeam blanket! I’m going to test it out tonight, I’m ridiculously excited about it right now.

  2. That wool coat is gorgeous! Don’t return it. You only need to dry clean it like once a year or something – just keep them clean 🙂 Nice haul.

    • haha that’s what Cat told me too 🙂 I seem to have a bit of trouble keeping my clothes clean for more than a couple of days. I drop things a lot. I also drop food a lot xD thanks!

  3. Yay! The Outlet Haul!

    I love those shoes. I’d wear them all the time. And they make me miss summer so badly. I also really like the sweater dress and skirt. And I think you should reconsider returning the jacket. It’s cute!

  4. Adorbs! 😀 I like shopping at F21 too. I’d keep the coat b/c I think it looks fab on you b/c seriously all the good stuff is usually dry clean only anyways. BUT I do agree about it being all kinds of trouble. 😦

    (No blush? Sacrebleu! Just kidding 😛 I love that you only need to cut your hair once a year! I wish mine was that healthy. *sigh*)

    • 🙂 thanks! F21 has such inexpensive clothes, I seem to be getting the majority of my clothes from them these days (that and Cotton On). Sacrebleu indeed! Err, I probably should be cutting it much more than that, but I haven’t seen any split ends so far.

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