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The Mysterious Case of Pink Peroxide (A Lipstick Review)

Due to my unfortunate tendency to impale my limbs on sharp objects, I have a habit of keeping peroxide around the house.  Now, the peroxide I’m familiar with is a clear, bubbly liquid that comes in an unattractive brown bottle.


Urban Decay’s version of peroxide, however, is a very cute pink lipstick.  I wonder how they came up with that name

I have to admit that I love the tiny sword handle on the base.  When I’m opening my lipstick, I’m not just opening my lipstick.  I’m drawing my sword!  *dun dun DUN*  I also find the swirls on the clean plastic cap very cute, and I like that the cap goes all the way down to the base (design-wise).  The packaging feels sturdy, and the cap clicks securely onto the base.

On my hand, Peroxide shows up as a glossy, sheer nude pink.

On the lips, however, it looks much more shimmery.

Sometimes it pulls more nude:

And sometimes it looks more pink:

The formula is lovely.  It’s not moisturizing, but it doesn’t dry out my lips either.  The main reason I love it is that it glides on very smoothly, and never sinks into my liplines.  The color always sits in an even layer on my lips, and the finish is really pretty as well.  One thing that surprised me about this lipstick was the scent.  This smells like burnt sugar with the teensiest hint of Play-Doh.  It’s not the scent itself that surprised me so much as its strength.  This lipstick has a stronger scent than some of the drugstore lipsticks I own.  It doesn’t bother me, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Peroxide is an “everyday” color.  It makes me think of spring, and the nude tint tones down the color just enough to make it natural.  Urban Decay Lipstick in Peroxide retails for $22.

My rating: B+/A-

(Overall, I loved this, so I gave it an A-.  The heavy scent might pull it down to the B+ range for some of you, though).

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The product reviewed in this post was provided by PR for consideration.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


14 thoughts on “The Mysterious Case of Pink Peroxide (A Lipstick Review)

  1. That’s a very pretty shade and I love the packaging. But the scent is putting me off. I really can’t stand it when lipsticks have a really strong scent. 😦

  2. I LOVE that shade and how it looks on your lips. Very very pretty. Also, I think I might like the scent, based on your description. Burnt sugar is awesome.

    • hahaha this isn’t the first time I’ve smelled something like that, although I’ve never encountered this particular scent in such a strong formulation. I lovee the packaging!

  3. I always took the inspiration for the name to be that a lot of bleach-blonde bimbos tend to wear these really light milky pink lipsticks against their grossly tanned skin. I like to think of them as slut pinks. =D

    That being said I really don’t like this color.

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