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Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 1/10/11

Tomorrow is 1/11/11!  I find that really exciting.

I ordered 2 pairs of yoga pants off of Victoria’s Secret sometime before Christmas, and I just got my first pair a few days ago (they were backordered).  I first saw my friend wearing these at Fencing, and the fit reminded me a little bit of the Lululemon yoga pants.

I got mine for $25 each, but certain styles are on sale for $15 right now, which is a really good deal IMO.  The foldover waistband makes these very comfortable, and the material is nice and soft.  These are yoga pants, not sweat pants, so they’re not going to keep you warm.  I like the thin fabric for workout purposes, plus the length is absolutely perfect on me (32″ inseam).  In terms of fit, these are stretchy and sort of cling to your body.  They don’t feel tight, but they definitely don’t look loose.  The other pair I ordered has a leopard print waistband 🙂  I hope it ships soon.

Heads up, CVS’s semi-annual sale started on December 30 (how the heck did I not know about this until now?).  Most of the good stuff was gone already, but I did pick up a couple items.  Haul post coming soon.

Happy Monday!

~Makeup Morsels


3 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 1/10/11

  1. Those pants look soo comfy. I love how F21 is branching off and offering so many different things now. Sales? *gulp* Looking forward to seeing your haul posts! 😀

    (That is so cool. If you see her next time, please ask why the brioche seems to sell out so quickly. It was just barely noon. Can they just bake more? Hee hee 😉 Hope your week’s off to a good start.)

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