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Swatching Adventures with FACE atelier

I’m having a really good day beauty-wise, probably the best in awhile.  I’ve got a fresh red manicure on my nails, super soft skin (post-sheet mask), and shiny hair from my Yuko spray-in conditioner.

Ahh~~~now if only my eyeballs would revert back to white (as opposed to bloodshot from lack of sleep).

Anways, today I bring you some some long-overdue swatches and quick reviews.

Look, a makeup flower!

clockwise from the top: Melt, Ultra Foundation in #2 Ivory, Lipstick in Red Fuchsia, Ultra Sheer in Opal, Ultra Camouflage Duet in Light

left to right: Lipstick in Red Fuchsia, Ultra Sheer in Opal, Ultra Camouflage Duet in Light, Ultra Foundation in #2 Ivory

The rundown:

Melt (not pictured in the swatches) is a dual cleanser and makeup remover.  I have to say that I didn’t care too much for it.  It did a pretty good job of removing my makeup, with the exception of my mascara (I was wearing Majo Majo that day, though, so I suppose I can’t fault it for that).  It’s supposed to remove waterproof makeup too, though.  The reason I dislike this is that it just feels so oily on my face.  Now, I’ve used cleansing oils before (I’m a big fan of the DHC cleansing oil, reviewed here), but this still felt way too oily on my skin.  It didn’t make me break out or anything, but then again I only used it once.

The lipstick in Red Fuschia is nicely pigmented.  The color is also pretty.  I haven’t really worn this on my lips yet, as I dislike applying things with a lip brush unless absolutely necessary.

Ultra Sheer in Opal was my favorite product out of the bunch.  Ultra Sheers are silicone-based illuminators.  If you look at the picture where it’s in the sample jar, it looks white, but on the skin it has this gorgeous pink sheen that goes every-so-slightly blue at some angles.  This stuff is super subtle, and adds just enough glow to make my skin look healthy.  I usually mix a couple of drops with my sunscreen before applying it all over my face.

I’m pretty sure I was only sent the golden side of the Ultra Camouflage Duet in Light.  Anyways, while it was very high coverage, it was way too yellow for my skin (the duet also comes with a neutral shade).  I also found it to be a little bit drying when used on my undereyes, and it started looking a little bit obvious after awhile (same issue I had with TimeBalm).

Ultra Foundation is really what FACE atelier is famous for.  Shade #2 Ivory was an excellent match for my skin (I’m MAC NC15, but just a teensy bit darker, with both pink and yellow undertones).  This stuff is so thin, yet it’s medium-high coverage.  A word of warning: you have to be really careful with how much you apply, because it can start to look cakey if you put on a “normal amount.”  Just use a few drops, and blend all over your face with a flat-top brush.  It sets really well too, and I think it would probably work for most skin types.

So that wraps it up!  Have you tried FACE atelier products before?  What did you think of them?

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products reviewed in this post were provided by PR for consideration.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


4 thoughts on “Swatching Adventures with FACE atelier

  1. Yay to good beauty days! Which reminds me. My poor face needs me to do a mask too. :\ I’ve heard of this brand but haven’t tried it yet. Would love to try their foundation. Is this brand available in stores? If yes, which ones?

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