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Naked Comes Natural with FACE Stockholm

Meet Naked, a creme lipstick from FACE Stockholm.  Its sleek silver packaging attracts fingerprints, but not as badly as some…rubber packaging does.

When I first opened it, I was reminded strongly of Lancome Timeless (a creamy, opaque, reddish-brown nude).  Once swatched, though, it was nothing like Timeless.  I’d say that the finish is more glossy than creme.  As for the color, it’s hard to describe.  The best description I can think of is a glossy nude-rose, but it pulls a lot warmer than it looks in my swatch.

Sorry about the blurry picture…my camera just didn’t want to pick it up.

On the lips, it adds a touch of warmth to the entire face.  At first, I didn’t think much of it, but after wearing it a few times, I suddenly realized that it was my MLBB color.

You know those pictures in magazines where the models are sporting their natural makeup?  Smudged brown liner and clean skin, and then they’ve got lips that look perfectly natural, yet you know that they’ve got to be wearing something on them because it just pulls the whole look together?

Well, this lipstick does that for me (as in pulls the look together.  It’s not quite magical enough to give me automatically perfect liner and clean skin).  A word of warning though, I’m not sure how it will fare on people who are cool-toned, as this is definitely a warm lipstick.  It might possibly pull orange-y.  I don’t know.

Unfortunately, I do have one gripe about this lipstick, and it’s a pretty major one.

The tube doesn’t.  Stay.  Shut.  It doesn’t click when I close it, and it always comes open in my makeup bag, which drives me absolutely bonkers.  I don’t know whether I just happened to end up with a defective tube, or if all the lipsticks have this issue, but it’s not…good.  When I open my bag, I would like to see one tube of closed-up lipstick please.

It might seem like a small thing to fuss over Actually no, this is not a small thing at all.  I’m sorry, but there’s no way I’m forking over $22 for a lipstick that won’t shut.  I’m sure there’s some DIY method of fixing this, but if my drugstore lipsticks can stay shut, I expect this one to stay shut too.  Despite the perfect color and formula, what good is a lipstick if it’s going to get ruined whenever the cap slides off and other cosmetics in my bag mash up the product?  (Thankfully, this hasn’t happened yet, but I’ve pretty much stopped taking this lipstick out with me because of the cap issues)

So basically, I’m super on the fence about this lipstick because while the color is understated and absolutely gorgeous, the packaging issues are making me think twice about it.

My rating: (Which makes it impossible for me to give it a rating.  I love it, but at the same time, it bugs the living daylights out of me)

Update: If you haven’t read the update here, I have good news 🙂  I was sent a defective tube, which means that the loose tube is not a common issue with this lipstick.  If you happen to end up with a loose tube, I’m sure that you can exchange it.

New rating: A

*Woops, I got so carried away talking about the packaging that I forgot to mention the scent.  This has your generic lipstick scent in a very light formulation.  It’s nothing too bothersome.

**I guess I left out a couple more things!  Glide is very smooth, and the formula sits in a thin, smooth layer on the lips.  It’s non-drying, but not the most moisturizing thing ever either.  Wear time is pretty good, I’d say about 4-5 hours.

Out of curiosity, has anyone else tried this lipstick and had the same issue before?

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The product reviewed in this post was provided by PR for consideration.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


16 thoughts on “Naked Comes Natural with FACE Stockholm

    • Well, I suppose if you don’t usually bring your lipstick with you to touch up then it would be ok. I’m just the type of person who likes to have lipstick or gloss with them at all times 🙂

  1. That lipstick is really pretty. It’s terribly unfortunate about the lid though. I don’t think I’ve had that problem with any other lipstick… oh, sometimes my Chanel Rouge Allure (it closes with a spring mechanism) accidentally gets tripped while in my makeup bag, but since the “cap” is the whole entire length of the lipstick (I think it’s soooooo chic this way haha – and kind of like this one except it really does extend all the way to the bottom), I’ve never found the cap more than like, 20% of the length away from where it should be. Usually I just notice it isn’t closed all the way with the bottom of the bullet sticking out about a half millimeter from where it should. I think it probably helps that I have a small makeup pouch and it’s always stuffed full though.

    • Me neither…it really caught me by surprise. Hmm, well this one never really closes at all, even when I try to push it onto the base. haha I think I’ve downsized what I carry with me these days, so there’s plenty of room for the lipstick to slide to one end…and the cap to slide to the other end.

      • I was rotating my lipglosses but have been lazy of late. I just grab whatever’s closest to me…haha! Not a gloss but YSL Rouge Volupte in Tender Peach is something I’ve been grabbing for pretty often. On the red lipstick front, I went and tried MAC Russian Red and while it really worked in brightening my face I felt the color was too bold. 😦

        (Ok, what? You’re enjoying the Winter? I’m freezing my ass off at night and can’t wait for it to leave. :X (I get cold really easily) Oh and I never buy retail at J.Crew)

        • I lovee Peach lipsticks for Spring! But I’m still in Winter mode right now, so I’m alternating between natural colors like this one and berry lips. Oh yeah…me too. I don’t think I would have the guts to wear Russian Red out my door. Well…maybe on the weekends. Seriously, try a berry red. They’re so much easier to pull off than blue-based reds. hahaha I get cold really easily too. That’s why I have my electric warming blanket and a heat vent right under my desk. But I mean…I enjoy the winter atmosphere, you know what I mean? Like the pre-holiday anticipation, and then leading up to Spring I’m just like OMG NO ALLERGIES, so winter please stay a little longer.

          • I remember you rec’ing berry-reds. Do you have any specific brand/shade in mind? 😉 I like your idea of an electric blanket and heat vent! I have an electric blanket…somewhere. *looks around messy closet* I don’t have allergy probs which is probably why.

          • Oh geez, my favorite berry lipstick is now discontinued (the Revlon tinted lipbalms). That being said, the majority of the brands out there include berry lipsticks in their shade lineups. I’m sure that wherever you go (MAC, high-end, drugstore), you’ll be able to find one. My poor sore feet are enjoying the heat vent right now 🙂

  2. That’s a gorgeous shade and the formula sounds wonderful too. It’s a shame the lid won’t shut. I really can’t stand it when the packaging is so horrible, it just ruins what would otherwise be a good product.

  3. Everything sounds perfect except for the unfortunate cap problem! It looks gorgeous on you though. 🙂 I have yet to find the lip color that pulls my whole look together.

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