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Saturday Snippity Snippets

No, don’t worry, Saturday Snippity Snippets are not going to become a thing on this blog.  I just couldn’t think up a cohesive title for this post.

Grades came in the mail today.  I wasn’t expecting them for at least another week, so when I saw them I was all…

The lines coming off the back of my head are representative of my mental shock.  Although they bear slight resemblance to a mohawk, I can assure you that I do not have one.

But then, I ended up realizing that I’ve never done as well at this school as I did this semester.

That calls for a celebratory LUNGE:

It’s amazing how expressive stick figures can be, isn’t it?

Ok, just so you guys don’t forget that this is in fact a beauty blog, I should probably insert some beauty snippets in here as well…

This is the EOTD I wore out today (minus the falsies cuz I added them in Photoshop):

creds: lash stamps from http://www.obsidiandawn.com

It’s just a basic, neutral eye.  I haven’t worn anything with green in awhile, though, so I had fun doing this.  If anyone is interested in seeing a step-by-step picture tutorial, let me know.

OMG ok this next part is the highlight of the post, and also the Lunar New Year tutorial I was talking about.  I know it’s no longer Lunar New Year, but how can you possibly resist a red envelope fish?!

Let me tell you, these are great to hang up all year round!  I haven’t actually taken pictures of the steps yet, but I’ll be doing a tutorial on this soon, so keep your eyes peeled xD

And that’s all for today~

~Makeup Morsels


15 thoughts on “Saturday Snippity Snippets

  1. YAY AWESOME GRADES! 😀 *love* the lunge (I typed lunch at first lol) picture btw, it has very good expression and form haha. Pretty EOTD! Green is one of my favorite colors to do on the eyes even though I don’t use them that often. The envelope fish is super cute! It’s sad to say I never got the hang of origami/paper crafts. :\

  2. Wah….I need to find out how to make that red envelope fish!! And I heart your stick figure drawings. 😉 Yay to good grades! Congrats! 😀 Would love a step-by-step picture tutorial of your EOTD when you have the time!

  3. 耶~!恭喜你有好成績!!!


    • 謝謝 🙂
      就是年年有餘 xD
      我今年的壓歲錢也是變少了 😦

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