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Statement Rings, Round 2

Round 1 was the dragon ring.  Round 2 is an armor ring.

I was eyeing another armor ring that looked a lot more like armor than this one does (actually I don’t even know if this one fully qualifies as an armor ring, but that’s what I’m going to call it).  Well, someone got there before me goshdarnit *gnashes teeth*  Just like someone got to that amazing skeleton bangle first, which I found is is from Monserat de Lucca and um…wayy out of my budget for fashion jewelry.  FYI, the shape is a lot more curved than it looks on their website (here).

So anyways, back to the ring at hand.  It’s made out of two pieces of hinged metal that are screwed together in the middle.  I can still bend my finger while wearing this (to a reasonable degree), and it’s quite comfortable actually.  Plus, no danger of hurting someone’s hand while fist pumping (unlike my dragon ring)!

More pretty pictures:

I believe I bought this for around $14 (on sale).  I’m already looking forward to my next jewelry-hunting adventure 🙂

~Makeup Morsels


7 thoughts on “Statement Rings, Round 2

  1. Wow, that looks sick. I would never be able to pull it off like you can. Love it with your purple-y n’ green nails! 😀

    (I hope we can fix it ourselves or else we’ll have to buy a new one. 😦 )

    • Thank ya! It’s surprisingly easy to transition from super delicate jewelry to chunky statement jewelry. I’m sure you could pull this off. The other armor ring…I’m not sure that I could’ve pulled off b/c it looked like actual armor, but the curved shape of this one helps a lot. *sending your tv thoughts of healing so that it can fix itself*

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