The Wednesday Wigeon

The Wednesday Wigeon No.11

I have two questions for you this week!

1. Do you keep an inspirational quote on your desk?  If so, what does it say?

Yup, and the inspirational quote comes straight from me!  I keep a cyber-note on my computer screen that says “No one can push you harder than yourself.”  Ok, I know that sounds weird, but I keep it there to remind myself not to slack off.  My parents expected a lot from me when I was younger (we’re talking lower and middle school days here), and now I expect a lot more from myself than they do.  I think it’s a good thing to do things because you want to do them, and not because your parents want you to do them.

2. What are you current likes and dislikes?

Current Likes:

~John Brown (this one deserves a picture)


~best friends

~antihistamine eyedrops, Claritin, and Nasonex

~sleeping in

Current Dislikes:

~allergy season

~rude and inconsiderate people

~mushrooms (except for black truffles)

What about you??

~Makeup Morsels


17 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wigeon No.11

  1. 1. No I don’t have one-probably should though…I do have a paper weight on my desk that says ‘pray’ on it though.


    my new camera (canon power shot)

    my other half’s new camera (that he doesn’t know how to use-canon DSLR. Did I mention I DO know how to use it?)

    my purple dress

    my awesome dog Lola-who is loyal through and through

    my job-especially my bosses because they actually value my opinion and challenge me

    my physician’s formula Happy Boost powder in Translucent. It is awesome


    rude/inconsiderate aka d-bags-doesn’t it seem that they are just EVERYWHERE LATELY?

    flying on airplanes-but I am going to have to face this in about 2 weeks so I am going to therapy for it.

    • Inspirational paperweights are good too 🙂 yayy for new cameras! Which Canon DSLR is it? I love their cameras. Yes, either they are, or I’m just extra grumpy lately lol. Good luck with your flight! I hope everything goes smoothly xD

  2. 1. No, but I totally should. I work from home and could definitely use some motivational quotes now and then.

    2. Likes: fruit snacks, reading, video games, katy perry, castle (the show), the color pink, and my mom.

    Dislikes: Onions, the color blue, A Christmas Story (the movie).

    I guess I don’t have a lot of dislikes. 😉

    • I love reading too, but somehow I haven’t had a lot of time for it lately. Boo. omg what?! I love onions! Especially when they’re grilled and sprinkled on In-n-Out animal fries. lol, which pretty much takes the healthy factor away but w/e they’re delish!

  3. Ok, what? You dislike mushrooms? We need to talk. 😛

    1. I don’t but probably should? I like yours though. Good idea to have something there to keep you on your toes. 😀

    2. Likes: Sbux choc chunk cookie (I am soo posting about this one of these days…ha!), warmer weather, lavender milk tea (possible new love), Bose headphones

    Crapped out TV <===pretty much sums it up

    • Except black truffles! I love those. Enoki mushrooms are ok too. I used to love mushrooms when I was little, but all of a sudden just the smell started making me nauseous, and whenever I ate them I would have a strong urge to throw up. I’m not allergic to them though, so I dunno what that’s all about!
      What is this Sbux cookie you speak of? Post about it soon please! omg lavender milk tea? Where do I get that from?! I love Bose headphones too! Sound quality isn’t the best when compared to other noise-cancelling headphones, but I like how comfortable they are. Do you have the on-ear or around-ear ones? p.s. how goes the tv fixing?

      • You know what? I’m like that with blue cheese dressing. Ate it a lot growing up (thanks Mom!) and now it makes me sick (thanks Mom!) . 😦 Hey, liking black truffles and enoki doesn’t give you a free pass. 😛

        Sbux = Starbucks. (Lazy way of spelling) You can get lavender milk tea at Tea Station! 😀 I have the on-ear kind. Really? Which ones do you like more?

        Still waiting for the lamp!

        • hehe yup, I know! ohh I see. My friend refers to McDonald’s as Mickey D’s all the time, and it confuses me so much lol. eek, I wish Tea Station wasn’t so expensive! But they have good stuff there 🙂 I have the around-ear ones, and they’re so cushy. In terms of noise cancelling, the ones my friends have work better (I think they’re Panasonic, but don’t quote me on that). The Beats by Dre headphones (which I haven’t tried yet) are supposed to be very nice, and according to one of my friends, Sennheiser headphone are the best.

          • Yeah, Tea Station isn’t the cheapest. We get one of those pre-loaded cards where they put in extra money in so it’s not as painful…haha. I just haven’t found a place with better tea atm. If I do and it’s cheaper, I’ll be making the switch! I haven’t tried the Sennheiser ones but when we were comparing the Bose with the Dr. Dre ones the Bose were still better.

          • Do you know where Copycat Cafe is? I always go there for my boba/tea fix. They’re prices are relatively reasonable compared to Tea Station, although I’m not sure if they have lavender milk tea.

  4. 1. Nope but that’s a great idea. I should have one too.

    2. Likes: reading, good food, my friends, nice weather

    Dislikes: rude and selfish people, cold weather, my allergies

    • OMG high-5 for allergy hating! garr they make my life so miserable sometimes 😦 They affect my eyes and throat as well as my nose, so it’s like walking around in a cloud of triple misery 3/4 of the year.

  5. Eee…never been one for inspirational quotes. Thinspiration model ads are are different thing though!


    1. It’s getting warmer so I can finally start wearing dresses.

    2. 11am lectures – gives me plenty of time in the morning to play with makeup!

    3. Taking time out to cook.

    4. Taking time out to start writing a beauty blog. Which, incidentally, you could check out 😀


    1. Getting too close to summer and big evil exams.

    2. Too much rain in the UK!

    3. Too much wind in the UK! (Keeps blowing hair onto my lipgloss).

  6. It’s funny that you should ask about inspirational phrases! I have about a billion on my desk. I have one taped on my monitor (it’s a a piece of paper from a … tea bag) and it says “Act. Don’t React” which I thought was some pretty good advice considering I never do that. I had this post it I wrote on on my desk all through last year that said, “There is a way! DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO.” (um. HAHAHAH). My newest be, “Every bite, sketch, assignment, eotd, conversation deserves your full attention” I’m really working to live by that one and I’m doing pretty well, I think!

    Likes: John Brown et Eminem

    • HAHAHAHHA. That reminds me, I should add “Tranquility is the essence of life” to my desktop one of these days. I like your newest quote a lot. Those are some wise words man! I wish Eminem would mention John Brown in one of his raps. I would listen to that all day long…

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