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Spice Up Your Mani With CND Topcoats

left to right: CND Effects in Emerald Shimmer, Lavender Pearl, Crimson Sparkle

I’m sorry I’ve been lax about replying to comments and posting lately!  I know I haven’t put up the maximum amount of content this week, but it’s just been taking forever to get to Friday.

But here I am!  The promised day!  Alrighty, so I’m going to shove all that burnout stuff behind me now, and give you a nice little review to start off your weekend.

When I first saw the CND Effects swatch bubbles on their website, I must confess that they did not look terribly exciting.  Maybe I bumped my head that day or something, because Effects are…the most incredible, indelible polishes ever.  For thoughts and swatches, keep reading!

Ok, so on the left I’ve painted my nails with 2 coats of Rimmel Black Satin (birthday present courtesy of Val, thanks Val!).

And on the right I painted one coat of Effects over each nail.  I used black as a base because I thought it would probably show off the topcoats best.

left to right: CND Effects in Crimson Sparkle, [umbrella], Emerald Shimmer.

What, you might ask, is an umbrella doing smack-dab over Lavender Pearl?  Well, I took these first shots under artificial lighting, and the camera just would not play nice with Lavender Pearl.  It also would not play nice with Crimson Sparkle, but at least that picture is slightly more accurate.

Emerald Sparkle is this gorgeous, smooth green shimmer that pairs excellently with black.  The shimmer particles are very dense and even, but sheer enough so that the black peeks through.  See Crimson Sparkle in the picture above?  That’s the texture of the polish, but the color and brightness is more like the first picture.  Crimson sparkle is a smooth glitter polish that flashes orangey-red, yellow, and pink.  The glitter particles are nicely packed, so that they’re not spaced too far apart, but not too close together either.  As for Lavender Pearl…

Best for last:

You may recall this polish from my ring post.  This is the hottest thing I’ve worn on my nails in a long time.  I couldn’t stop staring…

In some lighting, it flashes green.  In others, it flashes purple.  And quite often, it’s a gorgeous duochrome combo of green and purple goodness.  I know the green and purple look quite dark here, but in certain lighting, both colors look lighter and more gray-ed out.  I’m wondering if this would bear a slight resemblance to Zoya Adina if I layered it over silver polish.  Hmm…I shall have to experiment.

At $11.00 each, Effects definitely run on the pricier range for nail polish (excluding the big brand names like Chanel, etc.).  I’d definitely be willing to fork over that much cash for Lavender Pearl, but I’m on the fence about the other two.  They’re gorgeous, but for someone who’s used to spending around $5-$7 for nail polish, they’re a little pricey.  Still, if you’re a polish fiend (like I’m becoming), these are definitely worth a look!

My rating: Lavender Pearl A+, Emerald Shimmer and Crimson Sparkle B+/A-

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products reviewed in this post were provided by PR for consideration.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


5 thoughts on “Spice Up Your Mani With CND Topcoats

  1. Hee hee…love the cute umbrella. The green and purple goodness remind me of the Joker. Mischievous and fun. 😀 I’m a polish fiend and wonder if they have a red duochrome version? 😉

  2. OMG Lavendar Pearl is SOOO GORGEOUS!! I LOVE IT. I really like those nail polish that has that metallic reflecting different shades.

    SOo pretty! i haven’t been doing much to my nails lately, besides letting it get chipped. haha

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