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Rouge Bunny Rouge Isola Bella Preview

Throughout this year RBR will unveil four sophisticated looks encompassed under the theme PORTRAITS OF GRACE.

Isola Bella evokes the ease of respite during a mid-summer day in a scenic nook of an island. Tropical colours are inspired by its exotic flora; fluttering shades of green and grey around the eyes, terracotta for an overall glow, and the full bloom of rose on the lips, making Isola Bella very feminine and glistening. Summer reflections are captured in the make-up resulting in a dreamy but vivid look.

Product highlights for the Spring/Summer season are: our collection of five exceptionally Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadows SILK AETHER, and the limited edition of our SELECT CROWN JEWELS including one Big Lash Mascara ‘Pure Obsidian’ & one Decadent Duo ‘Tango Argentino’ (available only in certain countries.)

I think Rouge Bunny Rouge really knows how to do good promo pictures and packaging.  I’m usually not a fan of a solid color wash all over the lid in makeup ads, but they make it seem so elegant.  I also like how they defined the eyeshadow shape by drawing some liner above the eyelid.  Their cream shadows look absolutely gorgeous, and all of them seem to be neutrals…yum.

This is getting me in the mood for summer 😀

What do you think of the collection?

~Makeup Morsels

Images and information provided by PR.


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