The Wednesday Wigeon

The Wednesday Wigeon No.13

Happy Wednesday!

At the suggestion of one of my readers, I decided to include dialogue in this week’s stick figure art!

I have this…slight hearing problem.  It probably results from a number of factors (little sleep, general grogginess, and my brain’s inability to process things).  The scenario usually goes something like this…

What they say:

What I hear:

What I say:

These situations are usually followed up by the other person going what the wigeon are you talking about, woman?! My response of choice varies.  Sometimes I sputter and laugh awkwardly.  Sometimes I pretend to see a butterfly, and go chasing after it.  And sometimes I just stay silent, and hope that they’ll think I’m being mysterious and deep.

So, my lovely readers, this week’s question:

What’s your response of choice in these situations?  (If you’ve experienced situations like these, that is).  Answer in the comments!

~Makeup Morsels


4 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wigeon No.13

  1. Hahaha! I don’t know what’s funnier…you hearing “taquito” or you pointing out that it’s a backpack. XD I usually don’t even make it that far. I go “Huh?”

    (Got your email. That is great news! Will be on the lookout 🙂

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