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Glamoflauge is the Best Camouflage

Today is officially the worst day in a week full of bad days, which I’m guessing will culminate in a abominably awful weekend.

My eyes have reached new levels of bloodshot vein-i-ness!  My legs won’t stop shaking when I walk, and stabbing pains are plaguing my head >.<

Ok, that’s my sob story for the day.  See, it’s days like these when I’m extra grateful for a good undereye concealer because I just know that I’m going to look like a nightmare tomorrow.  I’m thinking along the lines of zombie panda, but less attractive…

Thankfully, my Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer totally negates the zombie panda-ness.  Which is always a good thing.

When I first used this, I was shocked at how light Light was.  I mean, usually when drugstore brands have 3 shades in a concealer line, they tend to be skewed towards the medium range.  But Glamoflauge in Light is even lighter than my MAC NC15 concealer, not by a huge amount, but it’s definitely noticeable.

In fact, I thought it was going to be too light for me.  Luckily, it blends right into my skintone, plus I get a bonus brightening effect that still looks natural.  The pigmentation of this concealer is amazing.  It will cover up anything you need to cover, plus the tiniest bit goes a long way.  The squeeze tube is also very easy to control, so I always get the right amount of product.  I also think the tube design is really cute.

Glamoflauge concealer also comes with a concealer pencil, which I’ll admit I haven’t really used.  The pencil has the texture of your average pencil eyeliner, which is not something I want to be rubbing on my undereye circles.  Plus, the shade is weirdly a lot darker than it’s cream concealer counterpart.  Still, I suppose I can use it for spot concealing on blemishes, so I’m not going to complain, especially since the price is so reasonable.

Left: Glamoflauge in Light (tube), Right: Glamoflauge in Light (pencil)

Ah yes, getting around to the price.  The Hard Candy Glamoflauge set retails at Walmart for a mere $6!  Even by drugstore standards, that’s super inexpensive.  *cue the zombie pandas singing Glamoflauge’s praises*

There is, however, one con.  This concealer is definitely on the dry side, which means it has the tendency to exaggerate fine lines.  I like to layer a primer underneath, which solves the problem neatly, but it’s just something to keep in mind.  I’ve been using this with my Clarins primer (reviewed here), but you can use whichever primer works best for you.  I know some people like to mix eye cream with concealer, but that didn’t work as well for me in this case.  I’d recommend sticking to primer if you’re going to use this concealer.  Also, I believe Hard Candy recently released a new concealer that includes a primer, so that might be worth a look if you don’t want to spend too much on a separate primer.

Despite the fact that it’s dry, this is one of the best concealers I’ve come across.  Tack on the price, and there’s no way I wouldn’t buy this again.

My rating: A+

Full Disclosure: The product in this post was provided by PR for review and consideration.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


8 thoughts on “Glamoflauge is the Best Camouflage

  1. Wow, this sounds like an awesome concealer! I’ll have to check it out to see if I can find a decent match once I’m through my MUFE concealer.

    & *BIG HUGS* Sorry that this is a hell week for you and super sorry that your weekend doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better either… Take care hon – and hope it gets better for you soon!! *hugs*

  2. Yeah.. strangely with undereye concealers I’ve found I can usually pull of a lighter-than matching shade and it actually looks better. I LOVE THIS PACKAGING! I seriously wasn’t expecting teh chorus of zombie pandas, which is bad because I’m probably supposed to be in there with them. Don’t worry, the next time you go to sleep, you’ll have company. =]]

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