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I’ve Taken A Shine to VS Sparkling Lip Gloss

I really don’t understand why Victoria’s Secret cosmetics aren’t more well known.  In my beauty goober days, I was delighted when I found their Beauty Rush single shadows, which I’ve used in multiple makeup looks.  In addition to the affordable Beauty Rush line, VS also carries a mid-end line called…VS Makeup.  I love swatching their VS Makeup eyeshadows in store, but I never gave much thought to the lip products.  I have no idea why, since hello, I’m a lip product junkie, but I think my goldfish brain never got past the pretty eyeshadows.


A few notes concerning the above illustration:

1) The pink glowing box is the magical Sparkling Lip Gloss

2) The things that look like flying french fries constitute the magical aura of the eyeshadows

3) Clearly, the eyeshadow aura appears larger than the lip glass aura, so I’m chasing the eyeshadows

I hope that cleared things up.

I’m completely sold on the packaging of this gloss.  I love how sleek and clean it looks, and I especially love the transparent cap with a minimalistic VS etched on top.  The gloss comes with a doe-foot applicator, and the bottleneck ensures that you don’t get a huge glob of gloss when you pull the applicator out.  The gloss is super lightly scented with a barely noticeable creme-brulee fragrance, which reminds me slightly of my HG Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss.

VS Sparkling Lip Gloss in Electric is a gorgeous plummy rose:

Although the gloss looks glittery in the tube, the sparkles don’t really show up on the lips.  The product doesn’t feel gritty either, which is always a plus in my book.

On my lips, Electric imparts a very fresh berry look.  I think this is a color that would look good on all complexions.

One of my favorite things about this gloss in the texture.  Lately, I haven’t been wearing gloss so much, mostly because wind+goopy gloss = a messy face.  This gloss feels extremely light on my lips, though, and applies in a thin, even layer.  I’d say it’s more like a stain than anything else, except not that sticky, making it a very easy-to-wear product.

Additional thumbs up for the reasonable price.  At $10, I feel like this price tag is more drugstore than mid-end.  Hip hip hooray!

My rating: A+

So what about you?  Are you taking a shine to this gloss?

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The product in this post was provided by PR for review and consideration.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.

8 thoughts on “I’ve Taken A Shine to VS Sparkling Lip Gloss

  1. Yay! I’ve always really liked Victoria’s Secret’s beauty stuff. Especially their lip glosses and scented body lotions. You’re right. More people need to talk about it.

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