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Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 3/7/11

Happy Monday, everyone!  I know I’ve been silent over the weekend, which is not exactly usual for me, but I promise I have a good reason.

A very good reason.

So Saturday morning, I woke up, and my eyes were a little red.

Ok, I thought, no big deal.

My eyes are bloodshot so much (from lack of sleep and allergies and sensitivity to light) that I don’t give it much thought.

Then, as the day progressed, my eyes steadily became more and more red.

When things got to this point, I started getting a little bit alarmed:

I have to say, I know my body pretty well.  Because if I’d decided to ignore it and not gone to my optometrist, there’s a chance I would have had permanent scarring on my eyeballs.  Which would be like…having a pair of scratched glasses on ALL THE TIME.  Not pleasant.  Thankfully, I’m on steroid drops every 3 hours for a week, which should prevent any scarring, and I’ll be good to go in no time!

Oh yes, and then there was that small burning incident…

I was trying to help with dinner preparations, but apparently I wasn’t doing a good job slicing the daikon.  In fact, I think my mother may have even referred to my daikon slices as ugly.  Except I’m sure I misheard her because no one in their right mind would ever call my daikon slices ugly.

Since my daikon slicing skills were not up to her standards, I decided to get the pizza out of the oven.  That’s when I burned myself.

What kind of noob burns herself while wearing oven mitts?

Oh, that’s right.  Me.

Hope you had a great start to your week!

~Makeup Morsels


8 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 3/7/11

  1. We had the same thing happen! I grabbed a pan a few days ago without a mitt. I burned the crap out of my finger and thumb. The thumb even has blisters.

    We’re burn twins. 😉

  2. Hope your eyes feel better! 🙂

    Oh don’t worry I burned myself a couple years ago with mitts on! I was baking Christmas cookies. I will always remember that fateful day. Now I have a 1″ long scar on my arm because of it 😦 Good conversation starter though…not really!

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