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C’est La Vie

Et La Vie est uh…très mal lately.

See, I still remember some of my French!

La Vie is not being very cooperative lately.  Take today, for example.  La Vie shot a metaphorical arrow through my head (the arrow is metaphorical because it’s a metaphor for stress and headaches.  Obviously)

Metaphorical flaming arrow!  OMG the intensity >.<

Anyways, since I’m a little bit too burned out to do a full-blown post today, I’ll just show you this lip look I did the other day.

And yes, I like eet.  The end.

Oh, and remember those daikon slices I was telling you about?

I think I did a pretty good job!

See below:

First person to tell me my daikon slices are ugly will receive an arrow through the head.  And no, it will not be metaphorical.

Update: Ok, mytigerlily decided to call my daikon slices ugly (actually she said U G L Y, but I’m going to use my highly developed reasoning skills, and say that was essentially the same thing).  Since she was the first person, I’m going to change that to:

Anyone who dares refer to my daikon slices as ugly from this point on will receive a flaming arrow through the head.

~Makeup Morsels


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