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I tried to think of an intelligent, sophisticated title for this post.  It didn’t go so well.  I just resorted to making sounds in my head after awhile…and that’s how I got the title!  *applauds self*

Does anyone else enjoy online window shopping?  I was browsing around LuLu*s the other day, and they have some cute clothes on there 🙂  I had a lot of fun going through the dress section, I’m not alone on this whole online dress browsing thing being fun, right?  SAY I’M NOT ALONE!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces (keep reading for some pretty pictures +  a special discount):

Hidden Gate Grey and Black Dress

I would wear this with my black Aerosoles heels all the time (wait, is there anything I don’t wear with those heels?  You know the ones I’m talking about…)

Akemi One Shoulder Floral Dress

This dress almost makes me like Spring.  And I’ll have you know that I hate Spring with a passion.  All those allergies >.<

Xtreme Methods Black Dress

Love the cutouts at the neckline.  There are cutouts on the back too, gorgeous!  Too bad it’s not in my size anymore (and my wallet lets out a sigh of relief).

See anything you like?

LuLu*s generously offered to set my readers up with a promocode.  I was a complete goober, and didn’t notice the expiration date until it was too late…facepalm, I know.  They were super nice about extending the expiration, though, so if you like the look of their clothes, definitely go check out the site.  The code is MAKEUPM, and this is very important, it’s case sensitive.  This is a one-time-use, sitewide 15% off your entire purchase dealio, so use it or er…lose it!  The code will be valid for US and Canadian customers until March 23.  Hope it’s helpful to you 🙂

~Makeup Morsels

P.S. I’m browsing their shoe selection right now *gulp* Despite my usual “Aerosoles policy,” I can’t help ogling these heels.

Eek, sorry!  Must add more pictures onto this post.  Look at these shoes!  Seriously, I challenge you to look away.

Bamboo Colada 42 Blush and Patent Peep Toe Platform Pumps

Chelsea Crew Escalate Black Suede Oxford Wedges

And on that note, I’ll leave you to your happy shopping thoughts~

Images taken from lulus.com with permission.


8 thoughts on “La-La-La-LuLu*s

  1. I love online window shoppings! I always browse sites to see what pretty things they have, even those that don’t ship to my country lol.

    That second dress is gorgeous!

  2. GAAAAAH! I love the oxford wedges and the cherry blossom-ish dress. I guess visiting your blog is kind of like online window shopping… we are BANNED!

    • I’m so in love with those oxford wedges too! I couldn’t stop staring at them last night. And wow, looks like everyone’s loving the cherry blossom dress as much as I am. hahah, I suppose you could look at it that way xD

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