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Milani Makes Magic With Glitter And Gems Galore

When these polishes slid through my mailbox about a month ago, I was utterly bamgozzled.  Ok, that’s not a word.  But my jaw probably hit the floor when I saw Gems, and all I could do was make wheezy hee-haw sounds.

You see, I thought I had another repeat of Milani Dressmaker on my hands.  I thought I was going to fall desperately in love with a polish, try to track it down at ten different CVS stores for a month, and have nothing to show for it in the end.  In short, I was sad.  Very sad.  I looked in vain for Milani Jewels FX Gems Nail Polish for a very long time.  I would see its gold and silver relatives from time to time, but Gems was the one I was yearning to meet in person.  I mean, multicolored chunky glitter!  How much better does it get?

Long story short, the fates ensured that it found its way into my grabby little hands (along with a couple of its friends), and now I’m a happy girl (and that’s the moral of the story).

left to right: Milani One Coat Glitter Polish in Silver Dazzle, Milani One Coat Glitter Polish in Purple Gleam, Milani Jewels FX Polish in Gems (over Rimmel Satin Black), Gems on its own.

The one coat glitters are more like two-coat glitters, but that’s still fine with me!  Silver Dazzle is a stunning cool-toned charcoal gray glitter *are you drooling yet?* with some crazy depth.  It dries semi-shiny, but I just throw some Seche on top and the whole thing practically explodes with shine (there’s no Seche in the pictures above).  The glitter applies smoothly, and the color is very unique.  It’s not quite a black and silver glitter, but it’s not your typical silver sparkle either.  I love how it looks just as enchanting in low-light as it does when the sun hits it.  Purple gleam is equally beautiful, and I’m not even a huge fan of purple polishes most of the time.  The color is a pretty mid-purple that leans a teensy bit to the red side of the spectrum.  Once again, Milani throws in some darker purple-black  particles to add depth and general gorgeousness.

But wait!  It gets better…

Milani Gems is even more magical than I dreamed!  It’s a mix of red, silver, blue, green, gold, and pink glitter.  Some of the colors are chunky glitter, and others are smaller particles.  The glitter is densely packed (that’s one coat in all of the pictures), so there’s no need to fish around for glitter specks with this stuff! This looks amazing over black polish, but it’s equally wonderful on its own, or over any other color really.  I did hear some rumors that there was no pink glitter in Gems, but then I also heard that the new version contains pink glitter…

Well, unless I’m completely colorblind, I believe the bottle I have has pink glitter, although I didn’t get any in my swatch pictures.

In the picture below, however, (I’ll be sharing this manicure with you sometime in the following weeks), the pink does show up:

See, I told you.  Gems looks good over anything!

Each of these polishes retails for $4.99, and I would have gladly handed over that amount had I been able to find Gems at my local drugstores.  You can pick these up at CVS, Walgreens, or any other store that carries Milani.  I would definitely recommend you go hunt for these polishes the next chance you get, as they are all worth every penny.  And now that I have Gems, I can cuddle it as I drift off to sleep…(er, just kidding!)

My rating: A+

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products in this post (with the exception of the Rimmel polish) were provided by PR for consideration and review.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.

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