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A Unique Polish Experience with…Younique!

What would you say if I claimed to have found a nail polish…which can be removed with some water and nothing else?

Let me guess.  You’d probably say something like this:

Despite the fact that you would probably say all of that and more, these polishes really do exist!

I mean, I won’t lie, I definitely thought about posting an April Fool’s trick, but I highly doubt any of you would have fallen for it.  I just don’t pull that type of thing off very gracefully.

Here’s what the polish looks like:

left to right: Yellow Bloom Topcoat, Aegean Sea, Summer.

I really love the bottle design.  It’s cute, but not overly frilly and fussy.

AQmore, which retails at Younique Nails, is a polish brand that utilizes water as its solvent base, instead of acetone.  So what does this mean?

Well first off, it’s supposed to be better for your nails, although they do suggest that you wear the polish for no longer than 5 days, as it starts to adhere more strongly to the nail and dry it out after this time period.  This wasn’t a problem for me, as I rarely keep anything on for over a day or two.  Just waiting three days to remove my manicure was a struggle for me (yes, I know, I have such patience).  To remove the manicure, you’re supposed to dip your nails into a bowl of warm water for 2-3 minutes, and then push/peel the loosened polish off.  There’s another “way” to remove it, but I’ll get to that later.

The polish is water-soluble only when it is wet, so you can easily clean up mistakes using water.  Once the nail polish dries and you apply topcoat to seal it in, it won’t dissolve just because you wash your hands.  However, if you take long hot showers/baths, the nail color will probably loosen and start to fall off.  In this case, you can press the polish back on the nail and wait for it to dry, or you can just peel it off.  When this happened to my manicure on the third day, guess what I did?

I’m sure you already know… I took the unorthodox removal route.  Shame on me.

Now that I’ve talked about removal, I’ll tell you about application.  Hmm, this seems to be a bit of a backwards review, oh well!

The nail polish itself is supposed to include a basecoat, so you don’t need to put anything underneath.  I was pleased to find that it didn’t stain my nails, as I was a little bit skeptical about the whole 2-in-1 business.  Once the polish dries, you put their special topcoat over it.  All of the topcoats have little flowers in them, which I found very cute.  I got the yellow one:

One nice thing about the nail polish is the scent.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I live with people who abhor the smell of nail polish.  This means that I usually have to go outside to do my nails (which gets really inconvenient when it’s late at night) or sit by an open window with the fan on high.  AQmore polish smells like a mixture of glue and poster paint, which is inoffensive enough that I can actually sit in my room and give myself a manicure in peace.  The topcoat does smell like regular nail polish, but luckily the scent is also relatively weak.

The polishes seems to vary in terms of opacity.  I originally did 3 coats of Aegean Sea, but it took forever to set, so I reverted to doing one coat (in the pictures below).  Summer, on the other hand, was much more opaque, and I did one coat of that as well.  I feel like when I do over two coats, dry time is impossibly slow.  Those of you who don’t use Seche will probably find the dry time normal, but chronic manicure-denters like me should definitely stick to one coat and one coat only.

Now, you’re probably going to ask me about that flaming line down the middle of the swatch image.  Here’s the deal.  When I applied topcoat over the polish right away, it caused some epic streaking, which was met with much teeth-gnashing and grumbling on my part.  Basically, you do have to let the polish dry for awhile before applying the topcoat.

Each bottle retails at $10.90, which I find pricey for polish, but then again I have nothing else to compare this type of product to.  I think it’s a very cool idea, especially for people who don’t like to subject their nails to acetone.  While this polish was very interesting, it didn’t blow me away so much that I would give up all my acetone-laden polishes.  That being said, I would recommended you check these out as fun little pick-me-ups, since there are some super gorgeous colors in the range.

What do you think?  Would you like to try AQmore polishes?

My rating: B+/A-

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were provided by PR for consideration and review.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


7 thoughts on “A Unique Polish Experience with…Younique!

  1. I was thinking the same thing. “What if I’m taking a long bath/shower?” Thanks for answering that. 😉

    (Hey at least you can handle the blood and gore. I can’t even do that! My eyes are always covered…haha!)

    • hahaha I’m telling you, great minds think alike! That’s the first thing that popped into my head when I first got these. Actually, I think I’ve gotten more and more squeamish as I’ve grown up. I used to be all LADIDA blood and gore cool! Now, it does freak me out a bit, but at least I can still watch it.

  2. Really nice review. You had me hungering to read more, I heard you gnashing your teeth. But it was interesting mostly because this product is so different.. I really like the flowers inside the bottles man…

  3. I am thinking about trying AQmore nail polish. I like the concept of peel-off nail polish and the colors look pretty. Can you tell me if the top coat is regular nail polish (with nitrocellulose and chemical solvents)? I only want to try it if the top coat is also water-based. Thanks!

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