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I’m Spritzing Away My Cares with These Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

How nice would it be if I could actually spritz my cares away?  I would start by spritzing away allergies and exams, and then move onto those obnoxious chirpy birds that announce it’s a bright spring morning, wake up and be blinded by the light every morning.  Ohh, and crickets!  Man, they can chirp.  I have a theory that every summer, all the crickets bring their little cricket friends, and converge outside my window to have a cricket concerto.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand.  Today, I’m reviewing two of Victoria’s Secret’s spring scent offerings, and oh my do they smell carefree!

First up is Noir Love Me EDP, which was introduced for Valentine’s Day (goes to show you how on-top-of-things I am).  It’s Limited Edition, but have no fear, because this fragrance is sticking around until June!  As you can see, I have a sample bottle, so the lovely VS peeps sent me a stock image of the actual packaging:

Isn’t it cute?  

The scent is a burst of juicy, sparkling, crystalline, fruity-floral goodness.  It’s one of those perfumes that sort of moves around you as you walk, but never overpowers.  The top notes consist of wild berries, pear leaf, pink peppercorn, and calypsone.  I’ll be honest, I failed to pick up any of these individual scents (plus I have no idea what calypsone is, and I don’t have a very well-trained nose when it comes to perfumes).  Overall, the top notes just smell light, bright, clean-fresh-fruity to me.  I do smell the more mellow florals in the middle notes, which consist of Star of Madagascar Orchid, lily, and white peony.  I don’t detect the white ginger bunched in with these flowers, and they all blend together seamlessly.  If the top notes were sparkly white, the middle notes are more like the soft, pillowy white of a down comforter.  The dry-down consists of sandalwood, creamy vanilla, and skin musk.  Thankfully, the vanilla stays faint in the background, and both the sandalwood and skin musk are fairly light.  They give just enough substance to anchor the fragrance down, but they don’t interfere with the overall framework of the perfume.  In the fragrance color scheme analogy, these notes would be a plush beige.

Noir Love Me is a lovely Spring fragrance that I imagine will be perfect for the warm days ahead.

Next up is Incredible EDP!

I love the bottle design of this one!  I admit, I was a little bit thrown off by the color of the perfume (it’s very pink), but luckily the fragrance inside is…well, pretty darn good!  (hehe, bet you thought I was going to crack a pun and say incredible)

Incredible actually turned out to be my favorite fragrance of the two, which surprised me.  The description goes along the lines of “hottest, sexiest, a sexy ego boost in every spritz…”  Does this make me feel hot & sexy?  No, I can’t really say it does, but it makes me feel incredibly comfortable.  Not “I just rolled out of bed in my rumpled pajamas and showed up to class still shnoozing” comfortable, but the comfort you get when you’re wearing a casual-cute outfit that makes you look good, you know what I mean?  So, in a way, it does make me feel quietly confident and mayhaps a bit sexy, but it’s nowhere near as bold as I would have guessed.  Which is 100% fine by me, as this means I can wear it every day.

The fragrance opens with juicy white peach, pear, and water lily, but none of these notes are very strong.  Actually, the scents I immediately identify are the middle notes, which consist of magnolia, honeysuckle, and iris flower.  I’ll just let it be known right now that I love anything and everything with honeysuckle in it, so that’s probably why I’m so in love with this perfume.  My nose just hones into that honeysuckle, and it’s rainbows and butterflies from there on out.  The dry down is heavier and creamier than that of Noir Love Me, but I think it still stands on the lighter side as far as dry downs are concerned.  It consists of natural vanilla, Sultry Australian Sandalwood (oh my!), liquid musk, and coconut milk.

*Update: On second sniff, I can’t actually detect a strong honeysuckle presence, since the florals are all swirled together.  Either my senses were super-heightened when I wrote this last night, or I was going crazy.  I’ll let you pick which one 😀

I love that Incredible is a warm floral that I can actually wear.  Again, the floral notes blend together so that they’re not too loud, just sweet and soft (but not in a cloying or candylike manner).

Both fragances stick around for a solid 5-7 hours.  I’d love it if I could get more wear time (say 8-10 hours), but 5-7 hours is pretty decent.

Now, let’s talk price points.

Noir Love Me EDP retails at $49 for 1.7 oz, while Incredible retails at $45 for 1.7 oz.  I wish these were priced closer to $40, but I think it makes sense in the scheme of things.  To me, these fragrances stand above the often one-note (I know they’re not actually one-note, but that’s how they always end up smelling to me.  This is not to say I don’t like them…in fact, I’ve gone through an entire bottle of Wild Honeysuckle)* perfumes that Bath & Body carries, which retail at $30, but rank below high-end fragrances, which usually start around $65.

*Speaking of Wild Honeysuckle, I just checked the B&BW website, and it’s not there.  Did they get rid of it?!  Please say it isn’t so, they wouldn’t do that to me, right?!?

No, these perfumes probably will not appeal to fragrance connoisseurs or people who are in the market for something unique, but they’re not meant to.  They’re nicely packaged, smell pretty, and are a breeze to wear.  And really, that’s all I look for in a springtime fragrance.

My rating: A- for Noir Love Me, A+ for Incredible

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were provided by PR for consideration and review.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.

Stock images provided by PR.


10 thoughts on “I’m Spritzing Away My Cares with These Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

  1. I love the bottle of Incredible, it’s so pretty and pink! I’m a sucker for anything pink eheh. And even though I’m not into floral fragrance, the notes sound wonderful.

  2. The bottle of Incredible looks very familiar. It reminds me of Tom Ford Jasmin Musk in pink! I’m glad you like these perfumes. Being a former VS perfume enthusiast, I had a fair share of VS perfumes on my dresser. The old ones like Angel Heavenly are very unique. The newer ones smell more of the same to me. HOWEVER, they all smell very sexy and I had a hard time picking one as my favorite.

  3. It’s times like these when I wish I could wear perfume. I mean, I could but just on my wrists and that’s no fun. (Anywhere else and I get the itchies 😦 ) I do adore that packaging though! 😀

    (Haha, so you have the opposite problem? I need to do that. Speaking of Crabtree & Evelyn, I’ve got a gift set just sitting in bathroom waiting to be used. D’oh!)

    • Aww 😦 Does it happen with solid perfumes too? I definitely have the opposite problem…it’s terrible. I’m a chronic hand washer. OMG what are you doing?! You must use that thing ASAP xD

      • Yeah, same goes with solids I’m afraid. I’m always having to pee like every 5 minutes so I’m washing my hands frequently too. It’s sitting pretty until I’m done with my current stuff!

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