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Pur~Lisse, Hit or Miss?

(Miss in the title should be pronounced m-eeeee-s.  So that it rhymes with Lisse…I think)

*Note: This review will be formatted a little differently than usual.  I will discuss the prices towards the end of the review, and omit the individual ratings.  The altered format just works better for these specific products, but I will keep my original format in my other reviews.  Thanks for reading my blather!

May I introduce you to Pur~Lisse today?  The brand carries a range of French-Asian fusion (I didn’t know that extended outside of food) skincare, and uses a secret ingredient called “Lotus Lupine Peptide Complex” in their products, which promises happy skin.  Ok fine, what they say on their website (see here) is more technical than that, but if you break it down a lot, what they’re basically saying is happy skin.

So do they deliver?

First up for inspection is the Ageless & Beautiful Jet Set Starter Kit (pictured way above up there).

You get five sample-sized products that come in a pretty silver makeup pouch.  Let’s start off with my favorite thing on this planet…


Pur~Protect is an ultra-light moisturizer which contains spf 30, a good number for everyday wear.  Like the rest of the products in the range, it comes housed in neat, white packaging, decorated in swirly flowers:

As you all *should* know, I’ve run through many, many sunscreens.  And when I say that this replaces LRP Anthelios as my favorite summer sunscreen, that’s saying something!  First off, the consistency is just delightfully light and fast-absorbing.  Seriously, we’re talking the-tip-of-a-fencing-foil-as-the-fencer-lunges-fast here.  As soon as I start rubbing it in, it’s already absorbed into my skin, leaving behind no residue whatsoever.  Because of this, I do have to layer some sort of moisturizer underneath, but a sunscreen that literally feels like nothing is exactly what my face needs once those warm summer months roll around.  And as an added bonus, Pur~Protect doesn’t leave behind that dreaded white cast in photos (I’m guessing this is because of the ultra-light formula).

Next up is Pur~Eye Adore:

I’m used to rich eye creams, but Pur~Eye Adore’s formula is more like a cross between a serum and a light moisturizer.  Because of this, it absorbs very quickly, feels light, and doesn’t cause irritation on my delicate undereye skin.  Despite its lightweight texture, it still packs a punch of hydration to those pesky dry patches that tend to develop during periods of windy weather.  I didn’t notice a significant change in my dark circles or fine lines, but I tend to ignore those promised features when it comes to eye cream (too many disappointments, yaknow?  It’s like when mascara companies tell you that their product will increase your lash length by 400%).  I know that a lot of people don’t bother with eye cream because of its hefty price tag, but if you’re a frequent eye cream user, this is one to check out.

Moving on to Pur~Delicate:

This cleanser reminds me of Cetaphil, which in my book is not necessarily a good thing.  No, it won’t irritate your skin in the slightest, but I also feel like it doesn’t get a whole lot else done.  Meaning, if you have oily/combo or oily skin, this probably isn’t the right cleanser for you.  Likewise, if you have super dry skin, I don’t think I would recommend this.  I guess if you have normal skin?  But then…Cetaphil feels exactly the same, and is a lot cheaper to boot.  Pur~Delicate is also billed as a gentle makeup remover, but it didn’t remove anything besides my eyeshadow.  Which makes sense, since something so gentle isn’t likely to do much in the mascara/liner-cleansing department.  So to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t recommend that you spend your money on this cleanser.  It’s not a bad product, but there’s nothing that really makes it stand out to me either.

The last two products in the Starter Kit are Pur~Moist and Pur~Youth Preserve:

I didn’t get to test these two products out due to some scheduling conflicts (I call them scheduling conflicts because I attempted to type out an explanation, and then realized it was long and rambling and made no sense.  So scheduling conflicts it is).  I’ll just insert the product descriptions here, mmkay?

Although the Jet Set Starter Kit comes with the Pur~Youth Preserve serum, I was sent Pur~Bright (probably because I’m not even out of my youth years yet).  Pur~Bright is a serum which claims to create “luminous, even-toned skin without harsh ingredients.”


  • Hydroquinone~free
  • Lupine Peptide gives anti-dull complexion effect
  • Stabilized Vitamin C is kind to skin’s health while tough on harsh environments
  • Rich Avocado Oil and natural Squalane carefully tend to sensitive skin
  • Extracts of Neem and Prune help diminish hyper~pigmentation and sun damage, so you face the day with a brighter, healthier complexion

Pur~Moist is…well, exactly what it sounds like!  (That would be a moisturizer).


  • Vitamin E turns back the hands of time by reducing telltale aging and boosting skin against environmental damage
  • Exclusive blend of French Marine Plants helps skin retain moisture and prevents the appearance of fine lines
  • White Tea and Blue Lotus offers superior skin soothing abilities and fights free radicals

Before I move on to reviewing the next product, I’ll discuss the products reviewed above as a whole.  This set retails at $58 for a 14 day supply.  Do I think that 5 samples are worth $58?  Sorry, but no.  If you’re interested in Pur~Lisse, I’d recommend that you read up on the different products, and spend your money on a single, full-sized item.  I just don’t think you’re likely to love everything in this set, plus when I splurge on skincare, it shouldn’t be on skincare samples.  My picks from this set are Pur~Protect ($55 for 1.7 oz) and Pur~Eye Adore ($65 for 0.5 oz, which isn’t all that unusual for high-end eye creams).  Just in case you haven’t heard my opinions on skincare prices before, I’ll reiterate them here.  Skincare is one of those things that I feel justified in splurging on, especially when it comes to things like sunscreen.  I’m not the biggest eye cream fanatic out there, so I’d probably hesitate to spend that amount of cash on Pur~Eye Adore, but I’d pick up Pur~Protect in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have 5 or 6 sunscreens sitting on my vanity *hangs head in shame while surreptitiously rubbing more sunscreen on my face*

Quick price rundown of the other products, since I’m in such a helpful mood today:

Pur~Delicate: $36 for 5.6 oz

Pur~Bright: $76 for 1 oz

Pur~Moist: $55 for 1.7 oz

Ok, last up is Pur~Lip Comfort:

It’s petroleum free, just like all of my other lipbalms.  The formula is a clear ointment, with a consistency that lies between Vaseline and Aquaphor.  The squeeze tube packaging reminds me of my beloved La Roche-Posay Ceralip, and the effect I get is actually quite similar.  I don’t get quite as much moisturization with this as I do with Ceralip, but it does an excellent job of making my lips nice and smooth.  As I’ve mentioned before, my lips are desert-during-a-sandstorm-dry, so this doesn’t quite cut it as a long-term overnight treatment for me.  I’m guessing that for the vast majority of you, this would make an excellent balm 24/7, but my lips need something a bit more substantial.  The upside of Pur~Lip Comfort is that it’s great for days when your lips are peeling and flakey, as it smooths the lip surface right out, and actually helps bring in moisture instead of just sitting on top of your lips (like petroleum-based balms sometimes do).  $16 is pricey for a 0.38 oz lipbalm (remember when I freaked out over Ceralip’s price tag?  And that was $14), but it’s a nice pick if you’re one of those people who avoid petroleum like the plague.

That about wraps it out!  Out of curiosity, which one stands out to you the most?

~Makeup Morsels

P.S. This post is 1385 words!  Please let me know if you find my reviews too wordy.  I try to be very thorough so you get a good idea of the products, but I hope I’m not boring you either.

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were provided by PR for consideration and review.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.

Pur~Bright and Pur~Moist product descriptions obtained from Pur~Lisse website.

8 thoughts on “Pur~Lisse, Hit or Miss?

  1. Thanks for the reviews. I had never heard of this brand before but now I’m intigued. The sunscreen sounds wonderful!

    I think your reviews are great and just the right lenght. I like throughout reviews that cover every aspect of a products. they are very helpful.

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