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I’ve Got A Flare for Falsies (A Review)

Having already conquered my first pair of real false lashes, I decided it was time for more.  It was time to go to infinity and beyond!

I have such high aspirations, I know.

These are the ES A222 lashes from kkcenterhk:

Each pair is handmade, so they all look slightly different (not so much in a super obvious way, but more in a yippee-each-one-is-unique way).  The band is black instead of clear, but it’s also extremely thin, so it doesn’t look obvious on the eyes.  In fact, the entire lash practically screams “Only use your peripherals to look at me!  I’m all about subtle in my delicate, criss-cross glory!”

Or something along those lines…

As you can see in the picture above, each lash is attached with a sticker at both ends.  This means that the band doesn’t have much of a bend.  So either you bend it into shape yourself, or you can cut each one into 2-3 pieces, and attach them that way (this is the method I chose).

Along with the lashes, I was also sent the M82-C Coloursoft Glue to attach them:

The nice thing about this glue is that it has a liquid-liner type brush applicator:

Unfortunately, the glue seemed to irritate my eye a little bit (keep in mind that my eyes are crazy sensitive, though), so I stuck with my handy DUO lash glue.  One thing I will say about this is that it is very easy to apply, with more stickiness than the DUO glue, so it’s a great option if you have trouble getting falsies to adhere.

I actually used these for my Prom makeup, cutting one lash into three pieces, and then attaching one piece to each eye on the outer corner, to give a flared effect:

I love how light the lashes felt on my eyes.  Once I got used to the initial feeling, I forgot they were even there.

This particular style was very subtle, providing just enough oomph to “open up” my eyes.  I’d even feel comfortable wearing them on an everyday basis.

The ES A222 Lashes retail at $9.84 for a pack of 10 pairs.  That’s about as reasonable as it gets, but the website also carries packs of 10 pairs (usually the ones that aren’t handmade) around the $4 price range.  The lashes are a bit flimsy when compared to my Ardell pairs, but they still hold up reasonably well, and I can re-wear them 2 or 3 times before I have to toss them.

I have my reservations about the glue, but I would definitely recommend that you check out the lashes.  If not this pair, the store has tons of other styles to choose from.  I do wish they were stored in a way that allowed more bend, but considering the price point and quality, I think I’ll be fine cutting these up.

My rating: a solid A for the lashes

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were provided by PR for consideration and review.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


4 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Flare for Falsies (A Review)

  1. Wow! I can’t even tell that they’re false (which is a good thing, BTW). I tried false lashes recently and I just couldn’t figure them out. I think I used too much glue. I’ll try again soon.

    • I know, I love how natural these look 🙂 They just add some extra length and volume on the outer corners, but my friends told me they couldn’t even tell I was wearing false lashes (in that they blended in very nicely). Good luck with your false lash quest! xD And Happy Easter!

    • hahah don’t worry, I’m a total newb too! But it’s less intimidating than I always thought, you should give it a try sometime! Start with Ardell…those are pretty much mistake proof.

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