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I’m Unleashing My Inner Artist with Illamasqua Cream Pigments

Actually, I’m not so sure about that title.  Artists know their way around their tools, right?  I couldn’t even get these open (that’s not Illamasqua’s fault, it’s entirely mine).  I mean, only a dodobird (yes, that would be me) would attempt to twist the lids off.  Multiple times.


The pots are actually quite easy to open.  Simply lift the lids off, and then…poof!  Magic.

The Cream Pigments were the products I was most excited to try from the Toxic Nature collection.  What makes these beauties special is their amazing versatility.  They are eye, lip, and cheek/body safe, plus I was recently informed that they can even be used on the hair!  I’ll admit I haven’t tested that last one out yet, but I can vouch for the first three.

Out of the six shades, I have the two gorgeous neutrals in my possession, and you know how I love my neutral colors!  So how do they measure up?

left to right: Cream Pigments in Hollow, Delirium

I was a bit thrown off by the texture of these cream pigments (went in expecting them to feel like your quintessential cream products).  They feel dryer and less slick than your typical cream eyeshadow, and sport a smooth, matte finish that blends effortlessly into the skin.

Both Hollow and Delirium make a gorgeous lid colors.  I like to wear them as a wash of color with some thin black liner for a quick and easy makeup look, and I actually used both pigments in my Prom makeup (which is coming soon, don’t you worry).  Be careful not to apply too much on the lids, particularly if cream shadows tend to crease on you.  First of all, you don’t even need much to get visible pigmentation with these, so you shouldn’t overload.  And in addition to that, these will crease if you apply too much, so stick to thin layers!  The staying power on these is actually pretty impressive on the eyes.  I find that they usually last 6 hours on their lonesome before they start creasing at the inner corners, but the creasing isn’t super obvious by any means.  If you choose to set the Cream Pigments with eyeshadow or powder, then the creasing becomes nonexistent.  They also make fabulous bases for eyeshadow, letting the colors pop without making it hard to blend them.

Hollow, Delirium

Because of their dryer textures, the Cream Pigments should probably go on top of a balm (make sure you let the balm absorb first to prevent slip) if you want to wear them on your lips.  You could also apply them like you would a stain, and top them off with balm.  Just make sure you pair them with some sort of moisturizing product.  That being said, they do provide opaque, smooth coverage with a lightweight texture.  They don’t feel like a lipstick or any other lip product I’ve ever tried, but as long as your lips are in good shape, these are very comfortable to wear.  I like to rock Hollow as a smooth, nude lip, and Delirium as an easy-peasy, understated color.

Where these pigments really shine is on the cheeks.  Hollow is the perfect contour color for my NC15 skintone.  It blends so seamlessly into my skin, and mimics the look of an actual shadow, which is exactly what you want your contouring to look like.  Delirium reminds me of NYX Taupe (my favorite powder contour color), but with more rosy undertones.  It makes for a very natural-looking blush color, which I imagine would be perfect all year round.  The staying power on cheeks is ridiculously good…  I’ve always heard that cream blushers are more likely to slip and slide than powder blushes, but these Cream Pigments stay put around the clock.  I’ll come home at the end of the day, and see Hollow still going strong under my cheekbones.

At £17.00 per jar (that works out to about $28, according to Google’s nifty currency converter), these definitely fall into splurge territory. I do love them for their quality and versatility, though, and think that they would work well for both makeup junkies and professionals. If you like products that multi-task, and do it well, give the Cream Pigments a look next time you’re shopping for Illamasqua products.

Update: Can’t believe I forgot to mention this, but Delirium is an EU exclusive shade.  Sorry, US ladies!

 My rating: A for the product, B+/A- when taking the price into consideration

So, lovely readers, what do you think?  Will you be perusing the Illamasqua Toxic Nature collection anytime soon?

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were provided by PR for consideration and review.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


6 thoughts on “I’m Unleashing My Inner Artist with Illamasqua Cream Pigments

  1. The colors look very pretty! I’m not a fan of using cream products on my eyes because they crease on me but I’m tempted to try these as blushes. Sounds like they work very well that way. Thanks for the review.

  2. Even with my pro Illamasqua discount, I think these are a bit expensive for me to single out. I’m picky though and I really like NARS blushes best. BUT it’s cool to see these and I like the comparison of Hollow to Nyx’s Taupe. Thank you!

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