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My Nails Adore Born Pretty Store: Part I

There are lots of people in this world who will tell you over and over again that less is more.

For the most part, I would agree…except when it comes to my nails.  Take this manicure, for example:

Sorry if this hurts anyone’s eyes.  I think my nails look pretty and sparkly x100 here, but apparently there are those (like my mother) who think manicures like these should never be allowed to see the light of day.  If you are a manicure minimalist and find this post offensive, you should probably stop reading right here.  Tata.

All those who want to know where I got these super affordable nail stickers from, read on!

Born Pretty Store is an online treasure trove of nail products (they also carry a small selection of false lashes).  The store boasts products ranging from nail stamping plates to rhinestones to nail stickers to dotting tools…all at extremely reasonable prices.

The stickers I’m wearing in this manicure are from the set Manicure #4, which includes 10 mini sheets of stickers for $4.73.  All of the stickers in this set are floral, so if you want to stick lemurs on your nails, look elsewhere.  The stickers are fairly easy to handle (and coming from me, that means anyone should be able to handle these without any trouble).  I found that the easiest method for application was to peel off a sticker, place the non-sticky side down on a flat surface, and then press my nail to the sticky side.  Then, all I had to do was seal it with some Seche, and voila!  Instant sticker magic.

One thing to keep in mind when applying any object on your nail is that it will cause your polish to pool if your manicure is still wet.  It’s not a huge deal, but I usually apply a clear coat before going about my sticker-ing so that the pooling is much less obvious.

One drawback with these was the scent.  Scented stickers, you say, omigod that’s so cool!  Uh, not really.  I don’t quite know how to describe the scent, except to say that I don’t think it was intentional.  I arrived at this conclusion mostly because the stickers smell like burning plastic, and made me want to pass out the first time I opened them.  I had to resort to spraying them with some perfume, and then leaving them outside until they had learned the error of their ways.  While this did not entirely erase the rancid plastic scent, it did make it a whole lot better.  Crisis averted.

Despite the unpleasant smell, I do still think these stickers were worth it.  You get so many in this set, they’re a breeze to use, and the price is just right.  If stickers aren’t for you, I would still recommend checking out Born Pretty Store.  They have tons of lovely nail doodads on there, including some that I’ve never even heard of before.

My rating: B+/A-

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were provided by PR for consideration and review.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


6 thoughts on “My Nails Adore Born Pretty Store: Part I

  1. I like that manicure. I almost never do anything creative like that for my nails, but I always like what you do. Maybe my next nails should be the mayor of crazy town…


  2. I think it looks really nice! I do sometimes think that people go overboard on their nails but I like this, I think the white balances out the design and helps it stand out =)

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