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An Interview In Which Someone Besides The Wigeon Asks Questions

*This video is ever-so-slightly on the spicy side.  Kiddos, avert your eyes.

Sorry, no Wednesday Wigeon this week!  Every once in awhile, the Wigeon takes the backseat, and I get to ask the questions.

The video above was released in conjunction with the Victoria’s Secret VS Attractions collection, which I gave you a sneak preview of back here.  It’s also the first video produced on its own at Victoria’s Secret, and I think they did an excellent job.  Look out for my review of the collection soon 😀  And while we’re on the topic, the lovely people over at VS were kind enough to share their insights.  A big thank you to Jennifer Herits over at the Communications department and stylist Rebecca Resnick for answering my questions!

What type of look and feel were you going for in this video?

Jennifer Herits: For the video we really wanted to demonstrate the cool, fun vibe of the collection.  We wanted to show the consumer the sexiness you feel after spraying on this special mist – with its EverTemptTM cocktail.  From a beauty perspective, we wanted to give it the sexy, stylish feel that lingerie videos have for Victoria’s Secret.  It was Lindsay Ellingson’s first campaign with us, so we also wanted to utilize her to reflect the collection.

Rebecca Resnik: For the VS Attractions video we were trying to portray a model coming back from her day and getting dresses, prepped and ready to go out for the evening.  She enters her apartment in a chic day look, and leaves in a fabulous look for a night out on the town.

Can you tell me a little bit about the process, and what it was like to work on the set?

Jennifer Herits: We only had 1 full day to shoot this in a studio in Chelsea NYC.  1 day is actually a short time to get something produced, especially with different scenes and only one person in the video. Lindsay was so amazing to work with – she has such a positive energy and was really enthusiastic about the video – which was great for me because the video was my pride and joy.

Rebecca Resnik: The process began with an initial conversation with the photographer, Monica Mitro, the SVP of VS, Jennifer Herits, the manager of brand communications and events for VS, and myself, the stylist. We discussed the concept of the model entering her apartment from the day in a fashionable “day look”, and getting undressed, then getting ready for evening by dressing in VS Lingerie, using her VS Attractions body spray, and lastly throwing on a fun, yet sexy party dress for night. The set was awesome- the production company re-created a gorgeous bedroom and dressing area that we used as the model’s apartment in the video. We took lots of takes and different tries before getting the desired looks for the video.

What do you think about the results, and what’s your favorite product from the collection?

Jennifer Herits: I am so happy with the results of the video – it started out as a 5 minute short and we cut it down to reflect Victoria’s Secret as a brand and get the message across clearly and more efficiently. The video is as fun and edgy as I ever dreamed about… is certainly something VS is proud to put on their pages. My favorite product, as well as Lindsay’s is the Glam Goddess – I love the colors of the bottle and the smell is fresh but still sultry and sweet.

Rebecca Resnik: I think everyone was really pleased with the results- Lindsay looked fabulous and you get a true feel of the sensuality of the VS Attractions body spray. I would say the Glam Goddess is my favorite scent from the collection!

Thanks again for your time, ladies!

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview.  What do you think of the video?

~Makeup Morsels

Stock image provided by PR


4 thoughts on “An Interview In Which Someone Besides The Wigeon Asks Questions

    • I know, her hair looks so gorgeous in here! I like the background music too 🙂
      LOL I think a lot of the things we say to each other sound EXTREMELY odd (not just normal odd) when taken out of context.

  1. This amazing stylist, Dominick Pucciarello, did the hair for the video – it was AMAZING! I can get you some tips and tricks. He is one of our favorite hair stylists for the models – plus, he works at the Mizu salon too which is such a fun salon AND you can get your VS hair at a reasonable price 😉

    I have a cut and color there on Saturday – ill keep you posted on my new look if you want!

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