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d.j.v. Beautenizer Volume Lash: As Good As It Gets

When I first started getting into makeup, it was all about the search for the perfect mascara.  I thought it would be simple enough.  I believed that the perfect mascara was out there, just waiting to be found.  With each passing day, I felt the moment of discovery getting closer and closer…

Let’s just say that I no longer harbor these illusions.  I’ve concluded that the perfect mascara does not, in fact, exist.  There’s always something standing in the way of pure perfection (be it price or curl-holding capability or tendency to smudge).  Therefore, I did away with the concept of perfection, and settled for HG (that’s holy grail to you non-makeup junkies, although I can’t imagine why you would be reading this blog.  Maybe you were led here by panda hallucinations).  My search for my HG lengthening mascara ended last summer, when I discovered Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus.  Now, I believe I have finally found my HG volumizing mascara.

Alright, so I’ll get all of the bad stuff out of the way first.  D.j.v. Beautenizer Volume Lash mascara costs $24 per tube.  There, I said it.  And yes, I know that’s not a price tag you want to hear, especially when you have to throw out your mascara every 3-4 months.  But that’s the only bad thing about this mascara.

Well, if I was being super nitpicky, I would ask for better packaging.  There’s nothing wrong with this one, but if I’m forking over $24 for mascara, I like to feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth.  For example, when I paid $28 for a tube of Diorshow Iconic in my early beauty days (I know, what was I thinking?!  That mascara was not worth the high price…), I at least took comfort in the fact that the packaging looked every inch the consummate superluxe mascara.  All right, now that all the bad stuff is out of the way, I can start talking about all the things I love.

I love that Volume Lash adds quite a bit of volume while still looking natural.  It gives a perfect “lash fan” effect with just one sweep of the brush.  That’s one coat in the picture above, and  I think it looks even better in real life.  In addition, I don’t get the dreaded smudgies (yup, totally just made that word up) from this.  In other words, no flaking, no smears, and no bruised panda eyes.  It holds a decent curl, maybe not on the Majo Majo level, but still quite good.  Since this is a volumizing mascara, it delivers ok length.  That’s fine with me, since it’s so good at volumizing and separating my lashes.

Volume Lash is easily buildable, and doesn’t clump up when you add more coats.  This mascara does dry very quickly, though, so if you want to do two coats, do them one right after the other.  Surprisingly, I love the effect I get with just one sweep, and don’t feel the urge to add more.  It’s almost unsettling…maybe they put some sort of magic ingredient in here.  This is definitely a workhorse mascara, meaning that I feel comfortable wearing it both to class and to special events.

Would I buy this again?  Honestly, it’s hard to say.  I’m so in love, but I keep hoping that I’ll find a drugstore equivalent sometime soon.  If I fail to do so by the time I toss this out, then I’ll have some serious thinking to do~

D.j.v. Beautenizer Volume lash is available at Sephora.  I know the price is high, but if you don’t mind splurging on mascara, definitely give this one a look.

My rating: A+ for the product, A- when taking the price into account

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The product in this post was provided by PR for consideration and review.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer

4 thoughts on “d.j.v. Beautenizer Volume Lash: As Good As It Gets

  1. L’Oreal Voluminous is wonderful…the brush is perfect IMO. However, I tend to get flakes and “panda eye” from it so I am on the hunt for something new. Have had some luck with Fiberwing from Sephora, but will try the Majolica and Djv you recommended.

    • I’ve heard good things about that, but I’m guessing it will definitely smudge and flake on me. djv is my favorite, I just wish the price tag wasn’t so high. Let me know how it works for you if you end up trying it out!

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