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Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 5/15/11

Happy Monday!

I read an article recently (I want to say on the yahoo homepage, but blegh my life is a great big blur at this point, and I’m not quite sure) that said the less organized your personal space is, the less organized your life will be.  And after reading that, I just went uh…oh…

For the most part, I am an organized individual.  I keep my binders in order.  The folders on my computer outnumber the eyeliners in my stash.  I have a OneNote document devoted entirely to this blog (granted, I need to tidy that up a bit more).  My study area is relatively clean.  And my bedroom is immaculate…except for my vanity.

I remember the days when my vanity looked like this (actually, this was Day 1.  I know because it was all downhill from there):

All I can say now is…what happened?!  My desk is currently an explosion of products.  I take things out, I don’t put them back.  Then I proceed to take more things out, and I don’t put those back either *hangs head in shame*

And no, I’m not showing you a picture of the current situation because showing you would be admitting I have to clean it up.  And er…you know, it’s just a little mess.  Not like I can’t see the desk or anything.  Ok fine, I can’t see the desk, and I should really wash that towel tablecloth thingy. This weekend, ok?  One of you, please hold me accountable!

~Makeup Morsels

P.S. How’s your day going so far?  And also, do you keep your vanity nice and neat?


6 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 5/15/11

  1. Well considering my desk looks like a bomb exploded, I feel you. And no, you won’t have to share a pic. Random but I’m digging that green paint on your walls. 🙂 Day’s going great. It’s almost over!

    (LMFAO at your Japanese Cherry Blossom glitter spray! Hey, whatever works)

    • whew, so glad I’m not the only one! hahah thanks xD Green’s my favorite color, but I’m considering repainting it white in the future since the green totally throws off the lighting in my room. We shall see~

      And yup, it was BOGOF and B&BW, so I figured one for me, and one to fend off creepers! Why is the world so full of creepy old men these days…ugh

  2. I’m a complete OCD organizational nutcase freak (yes, that was a lot of adjectives to throw at you all at once…sorry…hahaha), but I’ve purchased so many new products lately that my makeup organizational system has gone out the window!! I need to regroup & start looking for a better “system”, because the products MUST stay (obvs).

    Just found your blog & I’m really enjoying it. We’re now following you on Twitter, so look for us @ HerLateNightCra. 🙂

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

    • I know that a lost of people invest in an Ikea helmer or similar type dealio, but I do have enough space right now. My problem is not putting things back where they belong *sigh* Good luck with your stash reorganization!

  3. My bathroom counter, which is pretty big, is covered in product. I always seem to be trying to make room. Pushing things aside. Putting things away. I just have so many beauty products! But I guess that’s not really something to complain about. 😉

    I’m going to video my beauty stuff some day. Some day…

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