The Wednesday Wigeon

The Wednesday Wigeon No.19

I haven’t made up a survey in awhile, so I thought I’d do one today!

1. High/low of the day?

High: I’m almost done with the school year!

Low: I’m almost but not quite yet done with the school year!  Just kidding, it’s actually been a great year, and I’m almost sad that it’s over.  My low would probably be the fact that I had that must sleep in feeling this morning, but couldn’t act on it.

2. Beauty high/low of the day?

Beauty high: I have a final on Friday, but I think I deserve on last hurray before then.  I was going to wait until after to paint my nails, but I decided to go for it, and give myself a bright red manicure.  This is starting to become my signature color, I think someone has corrupted me…

Beauty low: Dented one finger of my manicure, and I’m too lazy to do it again.

3. What food do you most want to eat right now?

I wish I could fly right over to Paris, and snag a (dozen) fleur d’oranger macarons from Ladurée.  Goshdarn, Paris Patisseries never fails to make me drool, and at a computer screen no less!

4. What’s your favorite art medium?

Ohh, hard to say.  It’s a tie between photography and Photoshop stick figures, I suppose.  I also had a fondness for oil painting before I got into photography.

5. What’s your dream vacation spot?

Paris!  One day, I’ll go there and hit up all those pastry shops I’ve read so much about *see #3

Here are the questions again for your convenience.  Copy/paste and we’ll chat in the comments!

1. High/low of the day?

2. Beauty high/low of the day?

3. What food do you most want to eat right now?

4. What’s your favorite art medium?

5. What’s your dream vacation spot?

~Makeup Morsels


10 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wigeon No.19

  1. I hope you get to sleep in soon! when will school be over?

    1 high: getting my TKB order in so I can try to press loose shadows! (super excite)
    low: when Hobbes (one of our pups) was being difficult at two feeding times (lol, not much happens in daily life for me)

    2 high: I only recently got into nail polish again and placed my first Zoya order
    low: I wish I had a wardrobe full of nail polishes to try different manicures. I just came across a lovely little blog with great ideas that I wish I could recreate. 😦

    3 I’m pretty full right now so not much, but I’d love some froyo from Yogiberry as dessert

    4 hard to decide for me too. I used to be more artistic as a kid and wish I could draw. I love pretty photographs and watercolor paintings.

    5 I have so many on my bucket list! but somewhere with a gorgeous, bright blue beach and white sand would be absolutely lovely.

    • In about a week! woohooo

      Awesome! I’ve been wanting to press my shadows for awhile, but I only have a few so haven’t gotten around to it yet. Ohh, which one? Link me!
      That sounds like a perfect vacation spot 🙂 Only, I would probably set up camp under a UV umbrella and thus defeat the entire purpose of the location hahha.

  2. Hey!! It’s been a while. I think I had some posts of yours open in tabs to comment on but updating my computer this morning killed all my tabs. =/ Anyway, hope you’re doing well and jia you ’til the end of school! 😀

    1. High/low of the day?
    High: Gelato after dinner downtown.
    Low: Gelato after dinner downtown by myself because I have positively nothing to cook at home and it was specifically to fill the void currently in my heart. (I’m being melodramatic, lol, but yea. =/)

    2. Beauty high/low of the day?
    High: Retail therapy! Bought Chanel RCS in Liberte, Revlon polishes in Minted and Peach Petal (for 40% off!), a really cute Sally Hansen lip balm that has packaging that looks like Shu Uemura’s, and I finally found the PF Happy Booster blush in Rose. 😀
    Low: Being so oily when I got to the mall that it took 2 whole blotting sheets. I desperately need to find my primer ^^;;

    3. What food do you most want to eat right now? I want Bi-Rite Creamery ice cream. In Honey Lavender and Earl Grey.

    4. What’s your favorite art medium? Hm. Watercolor and oil pastels.

    5. What’s your dream vacation spot? Man, Paris would be so amazing, but honestly, my dream vacation spot would probably be a resort in Hawaii.

    • omg Honey Lavender and Early Grey ice cream?! The fanciest flavor I ever had was Lychee. And that wasn’t even all that fancy. Your haul makes my heart beat faster LOL now I’m the one being melodramatic. I love reading about other people’s hauls though, it’s the best way to live vicariously. And congrats on tracking down the blush! I’ve seen that SH balm, let me know if it’s any good b/c the packaging definitely caught my eye. Hope you’re doing well, and getting lots of rest!

  3. 1. The day has just started here so now lows yet. But high: it’s a beautiful, sunny and hot day. 🙂

    2. high: I used a brightening treatment mask to pamper myself this morning
    low: my hands are really dry at the moment… 😦

    3. ice cream

    4. watercolor and oil paintings

    5. London!

  4. I’m always a day late. 😉

    1. High/low of the day?

    High: I’m gonna see Bridesmaids in a little bit with my mom!

    Low: I didn’t make nearly as much money this month as I wanted to. Those are the dangers of freelancing, though. Nothing is certain.

    2. Beauty high/low of the day?

    High: I added some red to my hair today. It looks pretty good.

    Low: I didn’t have any rubber gloves, so now my hands are dyed pink.

    3. What food do you most want to eat right now?

    Pizza. But I’m on Nutisystem. So…no.

    4. What’s your favorite art medium?

    Oil paint. I have this water-soluable oil paint so you don’t have to use turpentine, but it still blends just like regular oils. I haven’t painted in a long time, though.

    5. What’s your dream vacation spot?

    Somewhere tropical and awesome. And then I’d want to live there. And, as I said, I’m a freelancer. I could totally move somewhere awesome.

    • haha better late than never, right? 😀
      ohh, I’ve heard good things about that movie so far, let me know how it is! Hope the freelancing work looks up next month, good luck!
      Lovee oil paint too, but I haven’t done it in awhile. I like it so much better than acrylics, and ok to be totally honest (don’t judge me for this!) I kinda like the smell of turpentine…

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