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This Just In: Because I Like to Help You Save Money

And also because I’m a total enabler.

Remember the Eve Pearl liner I reviewed back here?

Well, you can get it much, much cheaper now.  Actually, there are a variety of things on the site you can get at a reduced price right now, but the liner is definitely my pick!

some swatches of the Eve Pearl Liquid Liner in Black Pearl

Here are the details~

What: 40-55% off selected Eve Pearl products

When: May 29, Sunday ‘morning’ at 12:01 am EST until May 31, Tuesday night at 11:59 pm EST

Where: Eve Pearl’s website

How: enter the code BP52911 at checkout

Other details: For a complete list of discounted products, see this video.

Shop away, my little wigeons.  I’ll be back with a review of some awesomely packaged skincare tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

~Makeup Morsels


6 thoughts on “This Just In: Because I Like to Help You Save Money

  1. Eek. You are terrible for enabling! But we love you anyway. 😉

    I’d totally get it if not for the fact that I just bought another Dolly Wink one. 😦 Have you tried theirs? I wonder how they compare.

    (I have not! I usually get my macarons at Lette and croissants at Williams-Sonoma.com but I’d love to try those soon. *makes mental note* 😀 )

  2. Wow, it is really black. I’ll keep it in mind when I need another eyeliner. Eve Pearl concealers are legendary. I hope it’s in the discount list, too.

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