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Lierac Mat-Chrono is Pro Bono…of the Skin

There’s my Latin education, hard at work!

Who says you can’t use a dead language in everyday life?  Pish-posh!

Welcome to another one of my thousand word skincare reviews!

Lierac is one of those “high-end drugstore” skincare brands that have been cropping up all over the place in the past year or two.  I previously reviewed their eye makeup remover, which I loved as a face makeup remover here.  Today, I bring you their brightly packaged Mat-Chrono skincare range!

First off, can we all take a second to step back (for our eyes to adjust to the neon-ness) and admire the packaging?  If I haven’t mentioned this before, green is my absolute favorite color, so I’m sure you can imagine how these bottles are calling my name.

Not in the literal sense.  Good Lord, that would be creepsauce.

The Mat-Chrono range is supposed to be both mattifying and anti-aging, which seems like a slightly strange combination to me.  I mean, how often to you see those two words together?  Still, that bright green packaging sucked me in, and I decided to give the products a try.

*Note: Before I get into the review, I should probably let you know that all of these products contain salicylic acid, which is why I don’t use them on an everyday basis (too much for my skin).  Keep in mind that I have pretty sensitive skin, though!

First up is the Regenerating Cream.  It’s a nighttime moisturizer, so technically it should be at the end of this post, but it’s also my favorite product from the range.

When I started using this skincare line, my skin was in one of its oily/combo to dry/oily t-zone stages, meaning some of these products just weren’t moisturizing enough for me.  As a result, I ended up using this night cream as a day moisturizer, which ended up working out wonderfully.

The cream has a medium, slippery texture.  It’s moisturizing enough so that I can use it during the day, but feels deliciously light.  On top of that, it has a fresh, citrus-y fragrance, and didn’t make me break out.  While this doesn’t completely mattify my skin, it does give me a nice glow that stops short of shine city.  I understand why this isn’t the most mattifying product of the line, though, since it is meant to be used at night.

The first time I used it, I thought wow, this must contain dimethicone.  And yup, sure enough, dimethicone stared back at me pretty far up on the ingredients label.  Luckily, my skin only seems to react to dimethicone when it’s high up on the list in shampoos and conditioners, so I was free to use the night cream to my heart’s content.  The lovely thing about all silicones in skincare is that they impart this lovely, velvety-smooth texture to the skin.  Your cheeks (on your face) feel like a baby’s butt.  Your makeup goes on ten times smoother.  And in general, you find yourself swooning from the lovely sensation.  Ok, that last one was an exaggeration, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Lierac Mat-Chrono Regenerating Cream retails at $44 for a 1.4 oz jar.

My rating: A-

Next up is the Mattifying Toning Lotion:

As I’ve said time and time again, once you’ve found your favorite toner, it’s really hard to be impressed by anything else.   I, for example, have a habit of falling back on either Kose toners or Kiehl’s alcohol-free toner (I just noticed that both of those are green…hmm, I’m starting to detect a pattern here), and have never replaced them with anything else.

The thing with toner is that it really isn’t a necessary part of my skincare routine.  It’s more of a luxury for me, a little step I like to do in between my cleanser and moisturizer to prep my skin.  Therefore, I set high standards for my toners, and I except them to do something other than exist in a liquid state. The Mat-Chrono toner, I must say, did not impress me.  It’s not a bad toner, but I did find it to be too drying for my in-transition skin.  On top of that, I couldn’t detect any significant mattifying, which was slightly at odds with the claim that it “instantly mattifies and refreshes skin.”  Sure, it was refreshing, but all toners do that.  Heck, water does that.  So no, I wouldn’t fork over $26 for a 5.0 oz bottle of toner that I would consider to be average.

My rating: C+/B-

The last two products of the line are the Smoothing & Balancing Serum and the Moisturizing Emulsion.

Out of all the products, these two have the most noticeable mattifying effect.  Both the serum and moisturizer are very light, and would be well-suited for those of you with oily skin.  The serum is a yellowish gel, while the moisturizer is a slightly runny lotion.  Once I put these on, my pores tighten, while much of the oil on my face gets sucked up like dust mites in the path of a vacuum cleaner.

Where do I come up with these ridiculous analogies?

I think there’s a bit of a misconception as to what “mattifying” means.  No, these products will not make your skin look utterly flat and devoid of life.  The goal of a mattifying product is to make your skin look natural, while cutting back on oily shine.  The serum and moisturizer don’t mattify as dramatically as powder, but they do a decent enough job that I don’t have to go in with blotting papers or my Rimmel Stay Matte afterwards.  Which, for skincare, is pretty darn good.

On the flipside, these simply don’t cut it for my skin at the moment, even as the warm summer months approach.  If your skin is oily, do give these a look, but otherwise, you’ll probably have to layer a richer moisturizer underneath.

The Smoothing & Balancing Serum retails at $48 for a 1.08 oz bottle, while the Moisturizing Emulsion retails at $44 for a 1.42 oz container.

My rating: B+

One last thing I do want to address is the price.  Yes, I get that this is a high-end drugstore line, but $48 for a bottle that size is pushing it.  I can understand skincare companies that price their products around $20-35 at the drugstore, especially since you can often get coupons and such.  However, once products get past the $40 range, I start wearing the double question mark face, which looks something like this: ?__?  I probably wouldn’t complain if these products blew me away, but they don’t.  I think these are quality skincare products, but I don’t think a $48 serum is something I would pick up at a drugstore.  Just sayin’

How much would you be willing to pay for a high-end drugstore item?

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were provided by PR for consideration and review.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


2 thoughts on “Lierac Mat-Chrono is Pro Bono…of the Skin

  1. $ 48 is more than pushing it for drugstore prices. I mean, you can get something high end from the department store counters for these prices!!!

    But then again, Lierac is a French brand and anti aging products are usually a little bit pricier than their counterparts..

    • I do think Lierac makes nice products, but even for high-end drugstore, I find the pricing of this range to be too expensive. I think it would be a different matter if they sold at a department store or Sephora…I still expect high-end drugstore to be more affordable than department store brands.

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