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KKcenterhk Lucky Draw

I just got this in my inbox the other day, and thought you guys might be interested 🙂

Remember the lashes I reviewed here?  KKcenterhk is currently doing a ‘lucky draw’ with an assortment of beauty prizes.  You do have to place an order to enter, but there is no minimum amount.  Details are below, and if there’s any confusion about the rules, you can easily reach them through their website or Facebook page (both linked below).  Good luck, and I’ll have another post coming later today!

~Makeup Morsels

Hello, all the beauties.
Have you purchases eyelashes, eyshadow, wigs or nails on KKcenterhk Online Shop?
KKcenterhk Based on Hong Kong and one-stop online shop in Hong Kong.

Place ANY PRICE of order on KKcenterhk Online Shop.
Holding your order number participate KKcenterhk event.
KKcenterhk extract 10 catagories for the prize.
1. Natural Lahes         (Prize Amount US$ 20)
2. Criss-cross Lashes (Prize Amount US$ 20)
3. Long Full Wigs       (Prize Amount US$ 24)
4. Clips on Ponytail      (Prize Amount US$ 20)
5. Make Up Kits and Tools (Prize Amount US$ 18)
6. Nail Patch                (Prize Amount US$ 6)
7. JHMJ Nails                 (Prize Amount US$ 3.5)
8. 81-120 Eye Shadoe Palette (Prize Amount US$ 30)
9. 11-40 Eye Shadow Palette (Prize Amount US$ 22)
10. Health Care “BIA” Skin Analyzer Water/Soft/Oil Tester (Cost US$ 10.48)

KKcenterhk Facebook Fan Page
Like KKcenterhk fan page

Part 1

Part 2

Terms and Conditions

-Event period from 1 June 2011
-All the beauties must order before the 1 August 2011 on in order to qualify.
-The result will notifly on 15 August 2011
-KKcenterhk will notifly 3 video a week, till end notifly 10 winners.
-After notifly the winner of each video, the winner will have 2 WEEKS choose your favourite item.
-KKcenterhk provided 10 catagories for this event, every catagories will be fix prize amount.
-Just can choose your favourite item in that catagory which belongs to you.
-There are different prize amount for difference catagories, the range between US$ 24- US$3.5( Free Worldwide Shipping)
-Can not change other catagory which NOT belong to you and the prize can not exchange into money.
-KKcenterhk will contact the winners in email.
-After choosing your favourite item in that area, send a email to KKcenterhk with your favourite item.
-KKcenterhk will reply a confirm email to you.
-If KKcenterhk  have not received any reply, KKcenterhk will cancel the prize and that winner automatically without any notice.
-The shipping address will according to the participators Billing Address. Please clarify the billing address and do not change it.
-All the prize are free and included worldwide standard shipping
-All the parcel will ship by normal air mail without tracking number, shipping will takes more than 15 working days(extra pay US$3 included tracking number).
-If the mail lost or the product damage, KKcenterhk will not re-send or refund.
-One order number one chance and the order number will be use by lucky draw.
-Any dispute arsing of this event, KKcenterhk will be the final decision and conclusive.
-KKcenterhk reserves the right to change terms and conditions upon notice.
-If you have any problems or questions, live_chat with us or contact us or leave your message on KKcenterhk facebook fan page.


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