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No, I don’t really have a whole museum full of makeup, but how awesome would that be?  I would organize the displays by brand, and have the launches in chronological order.  Then, there would be a little section in the back just for Lancome.

After reading Karen’s review of the new Lancome Juicy Tubes yesterday, I couldn’t help but get a little bit nostalgic (you probably think I’m too young to be nostalgic, but keep in mind that I used the phrase when we were young when I was still in middle school *facepalm*).  Many of my first makeup products were by Lancome, since my mom always gave me the GWP sets.  Anyways, there was this World Tour series of Juicy Tubes…do you guys remember that LE launch?  The tubes were gorgeous, and I ended up buying two of them.  Nowadays, I’m never tempted to buy these glosses anymore.  They add a nice sheen to the lips, but they’re sheer enough so that if you have one, I kind of feel like you have them all.  The main attraction of this particular collection for me was the packaging.  Each city had a different model with a different dress, both of mine happened to be from the Japan set:

left to right: Lancome World Tour Juicy Tubes in Peach Mochi, Tokyo Plum Blossom

The scents were probably the best part.  I still take them out from time to time just to…sniff.

I also bought this little pot of gloss, which was discontinued a long time ago (so it was on sale xD).  I really wish Lancome had kept these around, look at that adorable container!  These were also sheer, but the finish was very light and and shine was almost mirror-like.  And the scent was lip-lickingly yummy, of course:

Lancome Juicy Gelee Gloss in Pink Lollipop

What would you keep in the ‘place of honor’ of your makeup museum?

~Makeup Morsels

P.S. Just revamped my Twitter page for summer 🙂  It feels so good to be on vacation!


8 thoughts on “My Makeup Museum

  1. Yay for being on vacay! 😉 I’d follow you on Twitter but I’m not on it despite having opened an account…lol. I don’t remember the World Tour ones but definitely the Gelee Gloss (though I just played with them at the counter and did not buy :P). My Shu Uemura Mascara Basic would sit in that place. 😀

    (Still haven’t been to 1810! 😦 Hehe…thanks for the warning. Guess I’ll have to ask for it rare since I like mine medium. Btw, have you been to Malbec? It’s also in Pasadena and an Argentinian steak place. I had a good lunch there)

    • Seriously TG hahahha. I have been waiting for this vacation forever! Aw, you should use that account, it’s how I keep in touch with all the beauty bloggers 🙂 The World Tour ones came out quite a long time ago…I think it’s been 4 years now?

      And oh nonono, just ask for it medium rare not rare. That’s what I do, since I usually like mine medium as well. And the complimentary bread with chimmichuri sauce is so yummy! I think I went through two plates last time…*gulp* and no, haven’t been to Malbec yet. I’m going to Yelp it right now, haha always up for eating at a new place.

  2. my mom mainly just wears lipsticks and foundation so I was more adventurous with makeup. also, I haven’t been makeup blogging for very long so I don’t go very far back. the smell of Lancome products (toner especially) always make me nostalgic though cause it reminds me of my mom.

    I did however throw out a bunch of kiddie makeup (drugstore and Limited Too!) a couple weeks ago. I tend to be such a packrat and finally threw them away after taking a pic ( I’d had them since middle school! yesh.

    • I know hehe, reminds me a bit of the EOS packaging, but 10x cuter. Wow, that makeup has been around for awhile 🙂 I tend to hang onto things way too long, I like to keep boxes from old makeup stashed in my closet. Just threw them away last month hahah, I was like why am I keeping these again?

  3. They should bring the Juicy Gelee Gloss back, the packaging is to die for!! It’s frightfully unhygienic though o.O

    I’m in the midst of cleaning out my lip drawer atm.. I should really toss my Sonia Rykiel Beaute lipgloss, but I have a fond spot for the brand.. I won’t part with it (for now)!!!

    • I know, I really wish they would! There were some very cute and unusual colors, like this sheer candy apple green and a sheer blue. Back then, I would’ve never bought colors like that but now I’d snap them up in an instant. I only use gloss like this in the morning when my hands are clean, so the container is not a big deal for me.

      hahah it’s ok, you can hang onto that for a little more 🙂

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