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Be EverTempt-ing with VS Attractions

I don’t think I’ve ever given a collection two preview posts before actually reviewing it.  There was the initial preview here, and then a fun little interview which I posted back here.

So now, the long-awaited day is here at last, and I’ll actually get down to reviewing these products for you!  First off, I love the look of this collection.  The lace-and-leopard-print really spices up that packaging, doesn’t it?  🙂  Victoria’s Secret infused all four products and scents with what they call an EverTempt fragrance cocktail.  It’s supposed to radiate a pheromone-like allure that will draw admirers to you like moths to a flame.  Excellent.

The scents:

Sweet Craving: Let the decadence of Warm Vanilla and Tempting Praline satisfy your Sweet Craving.

The initial burst of scent hit me over the head like a sugar-rush hammer.  I should probably mention right now that I’m the type of person who will only take to a vanilla fragrance if it’s balanced by another scent.  This was a pure blast of vanilla mixed with sugar, and nothing else.  It mellows out over the next 10 minutes, and starts smelling more like a frosted cake, but doesn’t gain any warmth or depth.  Vanilla fragrance fans will probably eat this up, but it was too sweet for me.

Glam Goddess: Steal the spotlight. Make heads turn. Embrace your inner Glam Goddess with Sensual Musk and Naked Freesia.

Ironically, I wasn’t expecting to like this at all when I first received the press release.  Then, to my surprise, it turned out to be the fan favorite when I interviewed the peeps from Victoria’s Secret.  Upon first sniff, I can see why.  It’s a soft, warm floral that wafts around me when I spritz it.  It’s somehow light and a little bit creamy at the same time, and I can imagine wearing this as the weather warms up.  The notes blend together beautifully, and while I wouldn’t say it wins any awards in my collection of perfumes, it’s definitely a pleasant scent.

Love Bitten: Be a bit naughty. Have a little fun.  Get Love Bitten by the intoxicating blend of Forbidden Apple and Sultry Woods

This was my other pick from the collection.  The apple comes across crisp, green, and light.  It’s tempered by a dry note, which I’m guessing they listed as “sultry woods.”  I would hardly call the fragrance sultry, but it’s fresh and fun, without smelling overly fruity.  I would describe this as a clean, sweet apple perfume, not a juicy one.

Wild One: Let loose with Midnight Raspberry and Sexy Lily and feel the exhilarating rush of Wild One

Fruity fragrance fans, over this way!  I expected to like this one from the description, but it was a bit of a letdown for me.  The berry notes really overwhelm the scent, and I wasn’t actually able to pick up any lily.  I was expecting a tart, crisp berry scent, but got something along the lines of sweet berry-blend.  I’m not saying it’s a bad scent, but it’s not terribly interesting or appealing to me.

Each scent comes in a fragrance mist, a shower gel, a body lotion, and a body cream.  Here’s the breakdown of my thoughts on each one:

Fragrance mist: $20

~Average staying power for a fragrance spray (about 4 hours)

~Light and one-note (not much development between top notes, middle notes, and base notes)

Verdict – Skip this, I’d recommend you spend your money on their perfumes instead, which are quite good.

Shower Gel: $18

~Scent is present but not overpowering

~Doesn’t lather, but a little bit goes a long way

~Makes me feel clean without drying out my skin

Verdict: Get this if you’re ok with a non-bubbling shower gel (I know that a lot of people are particular about that).

Body Lotion: $18

~Barely any moisturization at all

~Scent is medium (not too heavy)

~Light texture, absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave residue behind

~Didn’t irritate my skin

Verdict: Skip this, unless you only require a little bit of moisturization and just want to smell nice.

Body Cream: $20

~Surprisingly moisturizing!  I brought this along on a camping trick, and even with the dry air, it did the trick.

~Medium scent

~Medium-thick texture, absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave residue behind

~Didn’t irritate my skin

Verdict: This would be my top pick from the collection.  I was really happy with how it performed, plus it’s always nice to smell subtly fragrant 😉

While the prices for this collection seem slightly high, Victoria’s Secret is currently running a promotion where you can purchase 2 items from the collection for $24, or 3 items for $30.  I would recommend that you just purchase 2 products, as that brings the price down quite a bit.  The items are all well-sized, and worth the money if you’re purchasing them for $10-$12 each.  Obviously, the individual scents and products were a bit hit-and-miss for me, but I hope my review helps you narrow it down!  If in doubt, you could always go in store and sniff for yourself.

What do you think of this collection?  Are you attracted to it?  *wink wink nudge nudge*

~Makeup Morsels

Disclosure: The products in this post were provided by PR for consideration and review.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.

Stock image and scent descriptions provided by PR


10 thoughts on “Be EverTempt-ing with VS Attractions

  1. Cute collection! I love that you have this preview for us. 😀 Think I’ll check out the body cream per your rec the next time I’m at VS!

    (Yep, got your message. Medium rare it is! 🙂 These sunnies are totally going to be my next ones. I want to try them on at the store first. How about you?)

  2. So I was excited about this collection but when I went to VS they told me it was discontinued. Do you have any idea what’s going on? It’s been receiving a lot of publicity so I thought it was a new scent collection. Was the sale’s girl just crazy?

    • hmm, that’s strange. It’s definitely still in stock online (in fact, they’re still running the promotion online). Last time I was in a VS store was probably a few weeks ago, but they still had it then. Maybe it’s just your area? Try calling another store close to you, and ask them if they still have it in stock. Hope you can track it down!

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