The Wednesday Wigeon

The Wednesday Wigeon No.21

Hello there!

We’re halfway through the week already, which means it’s time for a Q&A session 🙂

This week’s question is: If there was one beauty product you could bring to your country’s market, what would it be?

My answer would be sheet masks!  Sure, we have high end brands here, like SK-II and the recently introduced myfaceworks, but I wish we could get some drugstore brands in on the deal.  In Asia, you can purchase a whole box for around $10, but that’s usually how much an individual sheet mask costs here.  Of course, you could always go to online websites to get your sheet mask fix, but it would be a lot more convenient if I could walk into CVS, and pick up a box.

And speaking of that, I recently did a sheet mask swap with the lovely May.  She sent me a bunch to try:

I’ve already used a couple of the My Beauty Diary masks, and they are so relaxing, perfect for dissolving away any stress I have.  Except who am I kidding?  It’s summer, and my stress level is practically negative right now.  I suppose you can silently hate me for that if you really want to.  Anyways, even though I’m essentially stress-free, sheet masks are like a compressed, ready-to-go spa treatment, and I’ll always be up for that.

She also sent me some gorgeous Sinful polishes and a pack of hair velcro.  The velcro has been very useful for keeping hair out of my face when I’m using sheet masks.  In addition, it makes my mom very happy.  She saw me wearing one on my head today, and almost fell off her chair laughing.  I’m glad I bring you such joy, mom.

Thanks again for doing this swap with me, May!  If any new sheet masks come my way, I’ll be sure to send you some to try out.   And the rest of you, hit me up in the comments with your answer 🙂


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10 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wigeon No.21

  1. I have some Lioele masks I haven’t tried out yet, maybe I’ll try one today! haven’t had much experience with sheet masks. also, I loooove hair velcros! they’re so handy and inexpensive~

    I dunno a specific product to bring over to the states, but I’d really like to see more cute and practical packaging. a lot of Asian cosmetics have SUCH cute packaging that makes me wish I had more access to them. and this isn’t a beauty product, but I’d love to see green tea Kit Kats here!! haven’t been able to track down any online 😦

    • Do it! Try them today 🙂 omg I know! Whenever I go to a drugstore in Taiwan, I’m like … why don’t they have that in America??! And I’ve always wanted to try those LE flavored Kit Kats too.

    • That’s the other thing I’d like to see more of here! I know that American high end brands are starting to bring them in, but judging by the reviews, they’re not really BB creams. I wish a couple of drugstore brands should give them a try 🙂

  2. A day late yet again. 😉

    I’d bring over all the cool oil-removing sheets from Japan. We have them in the US but they’re from only a few American brands and they’re really expensive.

    I had a Japanese penpal for a while and she sent me some pink oil absorbing sheets and they were super adorable and inexpensive. 🙂

  3. 呵呵~我也喜歡敷面膜~!!!



    • 聽說屈臣氏的美麗日記面膜現在有特價

      真是太可惜了 😦

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