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If the Chanel Doesn’t Fit

Then you should try Revlon!

Revlon Black With Envy.  Yes, that’s a dent on my pinkie.  It says hello.  Taken indoors, with flash.

I’ve had Chanel Black Pearl on my mind for awhile.  When I first saw the pictures online, I loved the color.  But $27 for nail polish?  I don’t think so!  So I just kept telling myself the color wasn’t actually that great.

One day, as I was walking next to my friend on the way to class, I caught sight of her nails.  By that time, I’d seen so many swatches of Black Pearl that I could hardly fail to recognize it gleaming merrily on her nails.

“Hey, is that polish from Chanel?  Black Pearl?” I asked as nonchalantly as I could, as if I hadn’t just spent hours ogling it online.

“Yeah,” she said, “I borrowed it from my mom.”

Inside her head, she was probably going What’s wrong with you?!  How do you know what polish this is just by looking at it?

Revlon Black With Envy, natural light.  Ignore the chips and tipwear, I put my nails through a lot.

Luckily, Revlon came out with a suitable dupe.  From what I’ve seen online, it’s not 100% spot on, but no one except a beauty blogger would even be able to spot the difference.  Too bad I’m a beauty blogger, and can sorta tell the difference *sigh*

The teal flash is much less strong on Revlon’s version, but the idea of the polish is the same.  And imagine my surprise when my mom actually complimented my nails!

“Hey,” she told me, “That polish looks so classy.  Can I borrow it?”

Classy?  I usually only hear that when I’m sporting a pale pink, which is once in a blue moon.  The Revlon polish costs around $5, but I got this on sale for $3 something.  Not bad for a passable Chanel dupe!

Last order of business!  Meet my new bracelet:

I call him Crowley, after the snarky snake-demon in Good Omens.  By the way, I haven’t forgotten about the book reviews.  And as the majority of you said you’d be open to reading them, I’ll be dishing one up next week.

~Makeup Morsels


20 thoughts on “If the Chanel Doesn’t Fit

  1. Love your bracelet! Where is it from?

    And I have a Zoya color that is kind of a gunmetal shimmery black, which I like. It’s not exactly Chanel’s Black Pearl, but like you say, it’s also not $27. I really can’t jump on that much money for polish.

    • Thanks 🙂 It’s from a little boutique I frequent. The owner usually only buys one of each piece, but I think she said she got this bracelet from New York? They seem to be really popular online, just google snake coil bracelet. I know…luckily, since it’s Chanel, at least one drugstore brand will dupe it.


  2. That’s great that you’ve found a dupe for the Chanel polish! And as such an affordable price too! Love that shade and your bracelet is very pretty too.

  3. My mum doesn’t like dark polishes on me, I’ll know the world is ending if she compliments Black with Envy haha~ However, I love this colour, it has a depth to it, and the shimmers are very subtle!

    • hahahha same here. She doesn’t like the bright polishes I wear either, or my favorite color which is a bright red creme/jelly. So I was shocked when she said this looked good!

  4. Nice bracelet

    & Yeah I’d never buy a Chanel polish. I just wouldn’t be able to dish out that much for a polish. A Chanel purse on the other hand though! hahah, that’s a different story XD


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