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Auric Blends: My Fragrant Friends

I will be the first person to admit that I am not a perfume connoisseur.  My nose, which seems to have more of an affinity for allergies than anything else, seems fine with anything so long as it’s not offensively sugary.  And up until a year ago, the only fragrances I wore were the body mists from Bath & Body.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but it wasn’t until recently that I began to appreciate slightly more complex scents.

Auric Blends produces all sorts of delightful perfumes, incense, and other aromatic offerings.  This was my first foray into the world of fragrance oils and solids, so armed with clear sinuses (thank you Claritin and Nasonex), I proceeded to begin my olfactory odyssey!

My favorite fragrance oil of the bunch is actually not pictured below.  It’s called Chinese Rain, and wouldn’t you know it, I wore it twice, fell madly in love, and then lost it.  Even now, I look back and wonder how I could have ever let that little roll-on roll away from me.  *sigh*  To my nose, Chinese Rain smelled like lilies (now, I don’t know if it actually contains lily notes or not, but that’s what I’m getting).  One of my favorite perfumes is Coty’s Muguet des Bois, which smells like a vase full of fresh lilies.  The problem is that it smells so sharply of lilies that it borders on unwearable.  Chinese Rain, however, also has a bit of a powdery/creamy note, which makes for such a soft and pretty lily fragrance.  The base never overwhelms the floral heart of the fragrance, but rounds it out and makes is so much more wearable.

left to right: Auric Blends Perfume Roll-Ons in Love, Water Goddess, and Egyptian Goddess.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, *sniff* let’s move on to Auric Blends’ signature scent.  Egyptian Goddess has been their top seller for years now, and I can certainly see why.  The scent description made me a little nervous (soft florals, light powder, and musk), and I hoped it wouldn’t be too ‘old lady.’  Luckily, it’s not at all.  This is the cleanest musk I’ve ever smelled.  It wears extremely close to my skin, and whenever I apply it, I feel like I’m wrapped up in a drapey white sweater, relaxing on a plush couch.  In fact, I started wearing this to sleep every night when I was testing it out.  It’s just such a comforting scent, but still smells incredibly clean despite having that warm element.

Although I used to have a penchant for squeaky-fresh scents, I’ve started to lose interest in them.  Water Goddess was just too fresh for me, but if you think you’d like a unique spin on a watery scent, this one’s for you.  It smells like a bed of still-green florals spread on top of a pond.  It is very, very green and fresh, which I know some people absolutely love, especially for warm weather.  I just felt that it almost floated on top of my skin instead of meshing with it, which is probably the idea with this kind of fragrance.

Love is made from the same base as Egyptian Goddess, but contains a few extra ingredients that make it smell lighter and more floral to me.  Although I loved the scent in the bottle, it went wonky once I put it on my skin.  This happens a lot of fragrances, which is why you should always test a new perfume out on your skin, not on paper.  However, it meshed perfectly with my mom’s skin chemistry, and I couldn’t smell that ‘off note’ at all on her skin.  If Egyptian Goddess sounds like it would be too dry and warm for you, you might want to give this one a try.

Each rollerball 1/3 oz of perfume oil, and retails at $7.50.  Considering how little you need, these should last you for a good amount of time.  I love the size too, perfect for slipping into your bag when you’re out and about.

I also played with their perfume solids, which come in these gorgeous soapstone containers:

left to right: Auric Blends Perfume Solids in Black Coconut, Starr Jasmine.

Starr Jasmine combines a strong jasmine scent with lots of sparkling green notes and lily-of-the-valley.  I love how powerful yet delicate the scent is.  I know this is going to sound weird, but to me, Starr Jasmine is Skylar Grey/Holly Brook’s voice captured in scent form.  Do you know what I mean?  It’s ethereal and almost sickly, but so beautiful.  This is not an everyday scent for me, since I like my day-to-day perfumes to be comfortable, happy, and effortless smelling.  However, I like to take it out from time to time and really savor the smell.

Last week, I treated you to a gentle rant (it was so gentle that it wasn’t even really a rant) on how I can’t stand when a vanilla fragrance isn’t tempered by something else.  Well, unfortunately, I feel the same way about coconut.  Black Coconut is 100% coconut, and nothing else.  So if you love coconut, good news!  You’ll fall head over heels for this one.  I’m going to say that this is on the opposite alley of right up my alley, and leave it at that.

back to front: Auric Blends Perfume Solids in Black Coconut, Starr Jasmine.

While I adore the containers, there is one thing I do have to mention here.  They don’t really close.  There’s no latch, so basically the top only stays on thanks to gravity.  This means that these are a vanity-only item.  You just can’t travel with them unless you put them in their boxes, rubber band those boxes up, and then put them in your bag.  Personally, I prefer the rollerball packaging, but I would probably pick one of these up just to display them on my table.  Perfume solids retail at $8.50 for 1/5 oz of product.

If you like the sound of this brand, make sure you check back in tomorrow.  I might have a surprise in store 🙂  Something along the lines of…a giveaway?  I just completely ruined that surprise, but don’t miss it!

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were provided for review and consideration, either by PR or directly from the manufacturer.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


13 thoughts on “Auric Blends: My Fragrant Friends

  1. Those soapstone containers are definitely original! I can’t say that I’ve seen anything like them before. But no latch? Hmmm…. Just the name “Chinese Rain” sounds interesting. Oh if only I could wear perfume! 😉

    (Are you sure b/c I suck at it pretty bad…haha! :P)

  2. I’ve only recently started venturing into perfumes – I hate trying to describe them, and trying to read descriptions and figure out what that all means. What if I don’t know what freesias actually smell like? o_O Egyptian Goddess sounds interesting!

  3. Egyptian Goddess sounds gorgeous =) I would love to smell it in person! =) The packaging for the solid perfumes is so nice it’s a pity there’s no latch or anything! They would be a great alternative to carrying liquid perfume otherwise, especially when travelling!

    • haha then you should definitely enter the giveaway 🙂 I’m putting the finishing touches on that post right now. I know, I wish they would add a latch closure to it as well! Then they’d be absolutely perfect.

  4. They sound seriously great, my nose can’t sniff out those top, middle etc notes and I always feel like a fraud when I describe scents in my posts. I’ll go it smells florally and that’s it LOL

    I think I’d really like Love as well as Egyptian Goddess!

    • hahaha well as long as you say whether it smells good or not, I think that’s something to go off on! I really love ‘Love,’ too bad it doesn’t smell good on my skin.

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