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I’m Puckering Up for Beauty Is Life Lipgloss

Remember when Shu Uemura announced that it was pulling out of the US?  I do.  I was sad *insert frowny face for maximum effect*

Then, a couple of months down the road, I heard that a new line called Beauty Is Life was going to fill the Shu Uemura void at Barney’s.  Well, color me intrigued…

The line has a very professional feel to it, with a wide range of products all wrapped up in glossy-black packaging.  You know how much I love my lip products, so let’s see if Beauty Is Life’s lipglosses measure up to my standards:

left to right: Beauty Is Life Lipgloss in Sacara, Wakai

Although I like the overall look of this line, I do feel that the gloss packaging could be improved.  I get that the brand has a professional/functional vibe going on, but I would still like to see something more sleek when it comes to this particular product.  For such a high end brand, these just don’t look the part to me.  I don’t know whether it’s the block font or the white stripe at the top, but I’m itching to tweak a few elements of the design.  I do love their logo though, maybe they could print that on the tube instead?

The formula is on the sticky side, but it’s cushion-y rather than tacky.  Coverage ranges from medium to full, and the gloss has a very good wear time (I’d give it about 5 hours before it wears off).  It’s also strongly vanilla scented, but doesn’t veer into synthetically sweet territory.

Beauty Is Life Lipgloss in Sacara

In the tube, Sacara looks like a mid-tone, mauve-leaning pink.  I was pleasantly surprised at how opaque the color was once I swatched it on my hand.  And to my delight, it was the perfect, creamy light pink on my lips.  I don’t fully understand exactly how this works, since the color doesn’t look very light at all, but I’m in love with the result.  I think part of the reason that this makes the perfect nude pink is that my lips are very pigmented to begin with.  Normal nude-y pinks wash me out, and make my lips look oddly milky.  This, however, is a complete dream.  When I wore this out for the first time, my friend noticed my lips right away (and keep in mind that she sees me wear a different lip color every day, and rarely comments on them).

Beauty Is Life Lipgloss in Wakai

Wakai is a mid-tone, berry pink infused with gold shimmer particles.  It also falls on the opaque side, but has less coverage than Sacara.  When the gloss wears off, the shimmers stay behind, giving the effect of a sheer gold lipstick (super duper gorgeous).  While the color might be pretty, it’s not unique in my stash.  This gloss is essentially a darker version of MAC Nymphette/Milani Summer Baby, and I’m sure you can find a similar shimmery gold-pink if you look around.  Yes, I like the color, but it’s not nice enough to justify the price.

Speaking of the price, a tube retails for $25.  That’s not unreasonably expensive, as long as you’re willing to spring for a high-end lip product.  Do I think these are worth it?  It really depends on the color.  I can see myself forking over the cash for Sacara, but not for Wakai.  If you’re lucky enough to leave near a BIL counter, I’d suggest that you go in and swatch for yourself.

My rating: A for Sacara, B for Wakai

Do either of these colors draw you in?  And what are your thoughts on the packaging?

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were submitted for review, either by PR or directly from the manufacturer.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


8 thoughts on “I’m Puckering Up for Beauty Is Life Lipgloss

    • I really love the color 🙂 Lip products and skincare are my two splurge categories, and I know I’ve definitely spent this much on a lip product in the past. I stop short of buying $75 lip balm though *eek*

  1. I honestly can’t see the difference on your lips but I notice they don’t look the same on your skin swatch. Both look beautiful on you but for the price, I am with Gio 🙂

    • Hi Dao! 😀 How have you been?
      Out of curiosity, what browser are you using to view these? I guess it all depends on what type of product you are willing to spend extra on, I can see how these would be a no-go if you’re not a lip junkie like me xD

  2. No doubt the packaging could use an upgrade. Especially if they’re being sold at Barney’s.

    The swatches are pretty and look nice on you but I’m not sure it warrants the $25 price tag? :\

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