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Summer in a Bottle

Sparkling top notes of pomegranate with orange, mandarin and green leaf

Floral heart notes of rose, freesia and lily of the valley

Soft veil of cedar wood, sandal wood and white musk

Burberry Summer limited edition fragrances for men and women have been re-interpreted to capture the tranquil mood of a British summer morning.

Having never set foot on British soil myself, I can’t actually verify whether or not this smells like a British summer morning.  If it does, then every morning could be a British morning for me, even though I live in America.  Eh? you might ask.  Well, ever since I found this sitting pretty in my mailbox, I’ve been wearing it every morning.  So you see, even if every morning is an American summer morning for me, it smells like a tranquil, British summer morning.  Hopefully, I didn’t lose you there.

Look!  Pretty picture!

The fragrance is clean and sparkly, but not in a conventional way.  Lately, I’ve started to get a little bit tired of ‘fresh’ scents.  My favorite summer perfume used to be MAC Hue Turquatic, and while I still pull it out on particularly hot days, I rarely wear it anymore.  Why?  Because it’s like getting hit over the head with a watery hammer.  There’s just too much fresh going on in there.  Way too much.

Burberry Summer has the most gorgeous scent ever, like a splash of icy lemonade mixed with light florals.  The combination is pure genius, because while citrusy florals are refreshing, they don’t smell overly fresh.  The acidic, fruity notes are nicely tempered by the florals, but still have some bite. 

The dry down isn’t all that apparent, which I personally feel is a good thing in this case.  Ending the fragrance on a creamy, rounded note probably wouldn’t work with something so bright.  Instead, it stays sparkly throughout, but flattens slightly as it fades.  If the bulk of wear time is akin to bubbly cider, the dry down transforms into something more like juice.  It’s still cool and refreshing, but doesn’t dance over the skin as much.

Burberry did an excellent job on the packaging, no?  I love how they incorporated their classic check pattern on the bottle while keeping it summery and modern.  The color of the glass is gorgeous as well (for whatever reason, it reminds me of a picnic blanket), and the bottle has a nice weight to it.

Since this is an EDT, staying power is on the short side.  I’d give it 4 hours, 5 at most.  It’s fleeting and very in-the-moment, sort of like life.  So when I spritz this on, I’m headed out the door and living life in the fast lane.  Moving at the speed of life, and I can’t slow down.

I’m sorry, I just had to throw that in there.

Clean version to keep this blog family friendly.

Right, sorry.  So Burberry Summer for Women 2011 gets a thumbs up in my book (much like the song above).  It’s quite possibly the most sophisticated fruity floral I’ve ever come across.  If you’re tired of overly fresh fragrances, but want something bright and refreshing for summer, I would definitely recommend that you try this one out.  A 100 ml bottle retails at $65.  Pricey?  Yup.  But I do think that you get your money’s worth with this perfume, and I like that it’s different from the ocean inspired scents that seem to pop up like daisies this time of year.  Plus, I’ve seen it go down to $40 on some online perfume counters.

Of course, perfume is probably the most ‘personal/subjective’ beauty item there is, so only invest in an expensive one if you know you’ll be able to get a lot of wear out of it.  And always test it on your skin first to see how it works with your body chemistry.  That being said, if you try this and like how it smells, I do think it’s a good investment fragrance, particularly if you live in a country with warm weather.

My rating: A+, B+/A- when taking wear time and price into consideration.  Maybe they can make an EDP version next summer?  Just a thought!

What’s your favorite summer fragrance?

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The product in this post was submitted for review, either by PR or directly from the manufacturer.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


12 thoughts on “Summer in a Bottle

    • LOL sorry to disappoint! I figure if you’re an Eminem fan, you’ve already heard the explicit version, and won’t bother listening to this one. But for those who haven’t heard his stuff before, I’m easing them in xD

      I wonder why more companies aren’t doing fragrances like this one. If you think about it, what’s more summery than a glass of cold lemonade? And it’s so much less obvious than going the beachy/aquatic route.

  1. 呵呵~這篇寫得好棒喔!!!
    可惜我沒有那麼多錢可以買所有想要的東西 : D


    希望會和去年暑假一樣有趣 : D

    • 我也沒有那麼多錢可以常常買想要的東西, 這是Burberry給我的 xD


      如果你來到 LA,一定要跟我一起去玩 xD

  2. I think I smelled this and wasn’t impressed, but I was in a rush that day, and already in a bad mood, haha, so I’ll have to give it another shot – the bottle is so pretty and coral 😀

    Haha, I guess I was more scandalous and posted the explicit version…oops 😉

    • Try it again, and see if you like it 🙂
      There are some perfumes that I just don’t like, no matter what other people say. Pretty much anything vanilla LOL

      I know, I was shocked! xD Don’t worry about it, I never actually listen to the clean version myself…

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